Louisiana Transportation

Louisiana Transportation

Louisiana Transportation is handled by the Louisiana state Department of Transportation and Development. It is popularly known as the LA DOTD. It is a state run organization that is responsible for roads, airways, ferry and bridge statuses, connections and divisions and even constructions and emergency services. They manage all the airports as well – there are over sixty nine of them in the state.

The Louisiana State Department of Transportation and Development is committed ‘to earning the public’s trust, holding to the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards.

  1. People: We respect our coworkers for their dedication, skills, diversity, and responsible actions.
  2. Excellence: We strive for high quality, ensuring the best product possible.
  3. Leadership: We embrace our responsibilities and empower our people to succeed.
  4. Public Service: We respond to the needs of our citizens, communities, and partners in a timely manner. 
  5. Accountability: We take responsibility for our performance.’

Louisiana Interstate Highways

  1.  Interstate Ten
  2.  Interstate Twelve
  3.  Interstate Twenty
  4.  Interstate Forty Nine
  5.  Interstate Fifty Five
  6.  Interstate Fifty Nice
  7.  Interstate Hundred and Ten
  8.  Interstate Two Hundred and Ten
  9.  Interstate Two Twenty
  10.  Interstate Three Twenty
  11.  Interstate Five Ten
  12.  Interstate Six Ten
  13.  Interstate Nine Ten

United States Highways That go Through Louisiana

  1.  U.S. Route Eleven
  2.  U.S. Route Fifty One
  3.  U.S. Route Sixty One
  4.  U.S. Route Sixty Three
  5.  U.S. Route Sixty Five
  6.  U.S. Route Seventy One
  7.  U.S. Route Seventy Nice
  8.  U.S. Route Eighty
  9.  U.S. Route Eighty Four
  10.  U.S. Route Ninety
  11.  U.S. Route One Hundred and Sixty Five
  12.  U.S. Route One Hundred and Sixty Seven
  13.  U.S. Route One hundred and seventy one
  14.  U.S. Route One Hundred and ninty
  15.  U.S. Route Three Hundred and Seventy One
  16.  U.S. Route Four Hundred and Twenty Five

The other important highway is the ‘Intercoastal Waterway’ which is one of the most critical means of transportation for the commercial good produced and imported into Louisiana. This includes manufactured goods, petrol and other petroleum products, agricultural product and also construction materials.

Getting Around into Louisiana

You can get around in Louisiana through many different routes. The most popular of them are:

  1. Airports
  2. Cruise Lines
  3. Motor Coaches
  4. Ports, Docks and Marinas
  5. Public transit
  6. Shuttle service and airport transfers
  7. Speciality Transportation
  8. Taxis or cabs
  9. Trains
  10. Limousine services
  11. Rented Vehicles
  12. Rented Bikes and Cycles

Getting Around in Baton Rouge

The average time  a person spend while commuting at Baton Rouge is at Twenty Two minutes. The most common ways of getting to and out of Baton Rouge are by using the airlines and airports, or by using the Louisiana State Rail. Apart from that, the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is used to get around the city itself. It is, after all, the capital city of the state of Louisiana.

Getting Around in New Orleans

Just like Baton Rouge, the city does have it’s own Airport and Amtrak Rail Network. However, what makes this city different is that it also has a very popular ‘streetcars’ system, much like the cable cars of San Francisco. Bicycles and ferries are the next most popular modes of transport and are used widely.