Louisiana Tourism Places

Louisiana Tourism Places

About Louisiana

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. This state is located towards the southern region of the United States of America. New Orleans is one of the largest cities of this state. It is also a very popular city. Since the 18th century, the French, the Indians, the Spanish and the Africans have inhabited and created the culture of the state. The state of Louisiana is different from the other states of the United States of America because of it’s varied and diverse mix of population from history.

Regions of Louisiana

Louisiana is divided up into the following places:

  1. Greater New Orleans
  2. Acadiana
  3. Central Louisiana
  4. Florida Parishes
  5. North Louisiana

Cities of Louisiana

The following are the most popular cities of Louisiana:

  1. Baton Rouge: This is the capital of the state of Louisiana
  2. Lafayette: It is the central city of the Cajun region
  3. Lake Charles
  4. Mandeville: It is across from New Orleans towards the northern shore of Lake Pontchartrain.
  5. Monroe: This is the place where the famous Delta Air Lines was born.
  6. Natchitoches: This is the city with the oldest settlement from the ‘Louisiana Purchase’
  7. New Orleans: It is Louisiana’s largest city and also happens to be the biggest tourist attraction.
  8. Shreveport: One of the bigger cities of the state, is also the largest city of the northern region.

Louisiana’s Most Popular Destinations

  1. Chalmette - It is the area where the Battle of New Orleans National Monument is located. It is a suburb in the state, and was also affected badly by the flooding that was caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In fact, it was even worse than New Orleans itself, as it experiences 100% flooding, as opposed to New Orleans’ 20% flooding. As recent as now, we’ve seen efforts to rehabilitate the citizens of this area.

  2. Great River Road - This road connects between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and is a must visit for any tourists.

  3. New Roads - This town is on the banks of the River False. It is a peaceful and small town offering a different experience for tourists.

  4. Down the Mississippi River: The Plaquemines Parish area - This area is in the Greater New Orleans region. A Parish in Louisiana means a county. It’s the local terminology used to define the same region that any other state would have as county. This area is the peninsula region along the Mississippi river, when it meets the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. Slidell - After hurricane Katrina, a lot of people moved to this town. Slidell is actually a suburb of the city of New Orleans. Most people have now settled down here. The most recommended tourist activity here is the swamp tour in the Honey Island swamp.

  6. Terrebonne Parish - This is a small city with a great amount of wildlife offering tourists who may be interested.

  7. Woodworth - This city is definitely Louisiana’s fastest growing community. Recommended tourist activities include The Wild Azalea Trail, The Camp Claiborne Multi-Use Trails and finally, The Shooting Range.