London Travel Guide

London city is the largest city in Britain and Europe they have a geographical area of 620 square miles with their population at 7,172,036. They are in the southeast part of England. In the greater part of London are the London Postal area and the telephone area code they have same sizes with Greater London but with some areas removed. They also have the boundaries the city is divided to Inner and Outer London. Several places would be so appealing particularly at night time when you can enjoy the shopping sprees, places for such a terrific relaxation spots. They are considered as the de facto capital of UK, Winchester becomes the political capital of England where the royal court resides.


Under the bridge is the River Thames, the tower of London, the bridge is when you can see ships passing by to and fro this is a very interesting event because the bridge open up into two, near the tower there is also the St. Katherine's Docks were the small boats are parked and not away from there is the little beach that can be a good playground for children. This tower is used also for a variety of purpose since the year of 1066; it becomes a prison, a palace, and place for executions and to keep the Crown Jewels. They also have the Byward Tower; this is the first building that you can see when you cross the little bridge. They also have an archway in the Byward Tower it is a gate with a fence but instead of opening it from left to right you can open it up and down. There is also the bell tower were the big bell can be seen this is used for warning the people that the tower will already be closed in the night. They also have the Queens house it is made up of timber and has a couple of floors inside it, a long time ago there was a great fire in London the only building that was save is the Queen's house. They also have the green tower right next to the Queen's house and the so called the Traitor's gate they bought the prisoners there to the tower. Lastly the White Tower, this was built by William the Conqueror on 1070 many people mistakenly thought that this is the Tower of London where in fact the tower is made up of all the structures inside the tower walls.

Buckingham Palace

This is the permanent house of Queen Elizabeth II, and the royalty court officials, they opened this palace in the summer months to see the attractive place of the royal family, and they have several state rooms and the very nice portraits of Rembrandt as well as astounding furniture's around it like the Sevres porcelain. They also have the Memorial Walk especially for the remembrance of the late Princess Diana they are connected to three palaces, and two mansions to reminisce the life of the late Princess. Besides the fact that this is the house of the Queen it is also used as headquarters for the royal family.

This is the place for the daily work of the Queen and the royal court; this can be a ceremonial venue and for the state visits that is planned by the officials in the palace. Every year there are at least 50,000 people who visited the palace as guest to have banquets, lunch and the likes with the royal family in the Royal Garden. It was customary for the guards to change on the summer mont this is a very popular event to see for the visitors.They are held at the forecourt in the palace.

British Parliament

This is also called the Palace of Westminster; it is close toe the clock tower this is a very magnificent eye catching view to look at. The building has 1000 rooms. They allow visitors to roam around in some point in time this is free of charge although you need to be in line so as to get yourself a free seat inside. You can also visit Big Ben when there will be no room for you inside this very majestic building is completed at 1858 to 1859 this is thought up to now named after Sir Benjamin Hall which was the first Commissioner of Works. This huge structure weighs at about 13 tons and reaches up to 316 feet.

British Museum

This museum holds at least 6 million items that was gathered all over the world. When you visit this museum be sure that you see all the magnificent collections it has stored for the past years from a very long time. These artifacts were there for the past 2 million years and were kept up to now by the museum. The list includes the Key Highlights of the Collections include the Rosetta Stone, colossal bust of Rameses II, the granite head of Amenhotep, and its limestone, they also have the fragment beard of Great Sphinx, the list of the kings in Egypt, the temple of Rameses, the Granite Statue of Senswosret III, mummy of Cleopatra that comes from Thebes, the Amarna Tablets, this is some of the many collections that can be found inside the museum.