List of Shipping Companies in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Shipping Companies

S.No. Abu Dhabi Shipping Company Name Web Address
1 Union Shipping Agencies LLC http://www.unionshippingrak.com/
2 National Gas Shipping Company Limited http://www.ngsco.com/
3 Emirates Shipping Line FZE Dubai http://www.emiratesline.com/
4 Lotus Shipping http://www.lotus-shipping.ae
5 Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey Abu Dhabi http://www.adias-uae.com/
6 Clarion Shipping Services http://www.clarionshipping.com/
7 British Business Group Abu Dhabi http://www.britishbusiness.org/
8 Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company http://www.adwec.ae/
9 Kanoo Shipping Agencies http://www.kanooshipping.com/
10 Team Shipping  http://www.teamshippingcompany.com/
11 Pioneer Shipping Agency LLC http://www.pioneerdxb.com/
12 Abu Dhabi Group http://www.abudhabigroup.com/
13 Abu Dhabi International Pvt School http://www.ais.sch.ae/
14 Abu Dhabi National Oil Company http://www.adnoc.com/adnoc/english/
15 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference http://www.adipec.com/
16 Exotic Abu Dhabi http://www.exoticabudhabi.com
17 Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd http://www.gasco.ae/
18 Abu Dhabi Investment Authority http://www.adia.ae/
19 German Business Council ABu Dhabi http://www.gebcad.com/
20 Corporate Shipping Agency Limited Liability Company http://www.corporateshippingagency.com/
21 Abu Dhabi-French Business Promotion Office (UAE) http://www.adfbpo.net.ae/
22 Abu Dhabi Dwellings http://www.abudhabidwellings.com
23 Storage in Abu Dhabi http://www.storageinabudhabi.com
24 Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating Company http://www.adnoc.com/
25 Modern Pharmaceuticals Abu Dhabi http://www.modernpharma.com/
26 Embassy Of India Abu Dhabi, UAE http://www.indembassyuae.org/
27 Bildco (Abu Dhabi National Company for Building Materials) http://www.bildco.ae/
28 Abu Dhabi Mall http://www.abudhabi-mall.com/
29 ISNR Abu Dhabi http://www.isnrabudhabi.com/
30 Abu Dhabi City http://www.abudhabi.com/
31 Health Authority Abu Dhabi http://www.haad.ae/haad/
32 Millennium Hotels & Resorts (Abu Dhabi Hotel) http://www.millenniumhotels.com/
33 Abu Dhabi Printing & Publishing Company http://www.bindesmal.com/
34 Abu Dhabi Tyre Company http://www.firestoneuae.com/
35 Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) http://www.adec.ac.ae/
36 Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) http://www.adsb.ae/
37 Abu Dhabi Police Emirate GHQ http://www.adpolice.gov.ae/en/
38 Galaxy Shipping Agency http://www.galaxyship.com/
39 Evergreen Shipping Agency http://www.evergreen-line.com
40 Abu Dhabi Indian School http://www.adisuae.com/
41 Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services http://www.ados-est.com/
42 Abu Dhabi Blood Bank  
43 Blue Sky Shipping & Trading http://www.blueskyship.com/
44 Al Aweidha Group of Companies http://www.aweidha.com/
45 Abu Dhabi Coating Enterprises WLL http://www.imcc.ae/imcc/companies/ADCE.asp
46 Royal Gold Shipping http://www.royalgoldshipping.co.za
47 Icad City Abu Dhabi  
48 Seatrade Shipping Services http://www.seatradedxb.com/
49 The Regulation and Supervision Bureau, Abu Dhabi, UAE http://www.rsb.gov.ae/
50 Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) http://www.adac.ae/
51 Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi, City Bank Bldg., Corniche Plaza, Abu Dhabi http://www.mzv.cz
52 British Embassy Abu Dhabi http://www.britishembassy.gov.uk
53 Abu Dhabi National Hotels http://www.adnh.com/
54 International Shipping Line LLC http://www.isline.com/
55 Adnacto Abu Dhabi http://www.adnatco.com/
56 Abu Dhabi Tempo http://www.abudhabitempo.com
57 Al Masa Shipping http://www.almasashipping.com
58 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair http://www.adbookfair.com/
59 Spinneys Abu Dhabi Limited Liability Company http://www.spinneys.co.ae/
60 Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies http://www.adat.ae/
61 Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA) http://www.taqa.ae/
62 Abu Dhabi Ship Building PJSC http://www.adsb.net
63 Union Group of Companies http://www.union.ae/
64 Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel http://www.sheratonabudhabihotel.com/
65 Abu Dhabi Real Estate & Investment Show 2008 http://www.realestateshow.ae/
66 Lifco Group of Companies http://www.lifco.com/
67 Great Ocean Shipping Services FZC http://www.goschart.com/
68 Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company http://www.transco.ae/
69 FAL Group of Oil Companies http://www.falgroup.co.ae/
70 UAE Ports and Shipping Directory  http://www.uae-shipping.net
71 Al Robban Shipping & Freight Services LLC http://www.alrobbandxb.com/
72 Al Sabah Shipping http://www.alsabahshipping.com
73 Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill LLC http://www.adpaper.ae/
74 Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi http://www.gemsoo-abudhabi.com/
75 Global Shipping & Logistics LLC http://www.gsldubai.com/
76 Abu Dhabi Aviation http://www.adaviation.com/
77 Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry http://www.abudhabichamber.ae/
78 Time Out Abu Dhabi http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/
79 Abu Dhabi Customs Dynamic http://www.auhcustoms.gov.ae/
80 Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation http://www.admaf.org/
81 Tricon Group of Companies http://www.tricon-uae.com/
82 El Nilein Bank - Abu Dhabi http://www.nileinuae.com/
83 Ministry of Justice Abu Dhabi http://www.government.ae
84 DRFCO Group of Companies http://www.drfco.net/
85 In Touch Shipping http://www.itship.ae
86 Embassy Of Finland Abu Dhabi http://www.finland.ae/
87 Nish Ash Shipping http://www.nishashshipping.com
88 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank http://www.adib.ae/
89 Abu Dhabi Distribution Company http://www.addc.ae/
90 Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi http://www.italian-embassy.org.ae
91 Department of Civil Aviation, Abu Dhabi http://www.dcaauh.gov.ae/
92 Embassy of Ukraine in Abu-Dhabi  
93 Abu Dhabi Construction Company http://www.adcc.ae/
94 Neelkamal Group of Companies http://www.neelkamal.com/
95 Abu Dhabi Vocational Education & Training Institute http://www.adveti.ac.ae/
96 Department of Transport Abu Dhabi http://www.dot.abudhabi.ae/?lang=en
97 Food Importers & Wholesalers Companies In UAE http://www.biznessuae.com/
98 Sharaf Shipping http://www.sadrshipping.com/
99 Brista International Shipping http://www.bristashipping.com
100 Al Ryum Companies  http://www.800plants.com/

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