List of World Airports & Airport Codes

Every big city or town has an airport and it can be domestic or an international airport. In today’s modern era, traveling by plane is one of the most convenient modes of transport. A person can reach his desired destination in just few hours.

Airports are open and very vast as they have runways that stretch kilometers for the planes to land and take off. Airports can be divided into two types- domestic airport and international airport. A domestic airport is one where planes fly from one destination to another within the country. On the other hand in international airports, planes fly from one country to another.

Traveling by plane is one of the quickest modes of transport as it saves a lot of time and a person can cover miles of distance in just couple of hours. Some of the best and busiest international airports of the world are Los Angeles International Airport, George Bush International Airport, Denver International Airport, O’Hare International Airport, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and many more.

These days’ domestic and international airports are well equipped with many facilities for passengers. One can easily find good restaurants, lounges and shopping malls at airports. Each airport has its own special feature and is designed for the convenience and comfort of passengers.  

List of World Airports by Country