List of Shipping Companies in the World

There are different types of shipping companies around the world. These shipping companies function according to their specialization. The common services that the shipping companies perform are- warehousing, overseas removal, shipping vehicles and containers overseas, freight forwarding and so on.

Shipping Companies and Their Functions

There are many international shipping companies that provide services at a low cost to worldwide destinations. If a person is moving to a different country, city, home or office, they usually contact a shipping company to help them relocate. Shipping companies take the complete responsibility of moving the stuff. They also perform other specialized services like:-


These shipping companies cover far and distant places in the world. Shipping companies undertake many assignments and make sure the project is delivered at a stipulated time.

Shipping Companies in Africa


Shipping Companies in America


Shipping Companies in Australia


Shipping Companies in Europe


Shipping Companies in Asia


Below are list of international Shipping Companies:-

Bluesea Shipping Company This is an international shipping company which specializes in overseas and ocean freight moving. The kind of services that the company performs is crating, packing, storage, air and ocean export/import, trucking, customs and packaging services.

Omega Shipping Company This shipping company is a full service international moving company which offers door to door service worldwide. The countries that it covers are Israel, Africa, Australia, Middle East, India and many more places.

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