List of Shipping Companies in Tahiti

The largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti is also the country’s political, cultural and economic center. The island of Tahiti lies close to the Moorea Islands. Ferries transport goods and people to and fro, from the various islands situated in French Polynesia. The Papeete Wharf is an important hub of the region. Shipping is an important business most to Tahiti bringing various goods to the island for its survival. Being one of the major tourist centers, the need for shipping services in Tahiti is of utmost important and that is why there are many companies engaged in the business of shipping and logistics. With the international community forming the major chunk of the tourist population, the shipping companies provide high quality shipping services in Tahiti.

Types of Shipping Services Available

  • Freight Shipping Services
  • Air Shipping Services
  • Cargo Shipping Services
  • Ocean Shipping Services
  • International Courier Services
  • Container Shipping Services

A number of shipping services rendered by the different shipping companies in Tahiti make it very easy for the business to thrive in Tahiti. A major portion of the shipments are usually the locally available agricultural products and the traditional handicrafts that have a huge international market.

The most popular shipping routes to and from Tahiti is to most parts of Asia, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Cost effective and high quality services are the hallmark of most shipping services offered in Tahiti. The shipping costs usually depend on the volume of the goods, its weight, the urgency of the need and the distance through which the goods need to be transported. Most of the shipping companies in Tahiti have an impressive web presence, which makes it simple in getting the quotes from the various companies to compare and select the one that is suitable.

Company Name Address
Papeete Seairland Transports P O Box 4536, Tahiti
+689 428307

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