List of Shipping Companies in Samoa

Samoa is an independent island nation known as Western Samoa. It lies in the South Pacific Ocean. Samoa has a well-connected road and air system, but it is the port that actually make up most of the transport network in the country. There is a main port located in Apia, the capital city of Samoa, and there are two ports that cater to the transport of goods and people to and fro Upolu and Savai, the two major islands to which these ferry services operate. These inter-island ferries are one of the most popular modes of transport and it is a great experience for tourists.

Shipping services offered by various shipping companies include:

  • Cargo shipping Services
  • Container shipping
  • Refrigerated shipping services
  • Vehicle carrier services
  • Freight shipping services

The shipping services in Samoa extend to most parts of the world and some of them also have their network located in some of the international countries where they have set up offices that operate locally. A number of companies offer services to the countries in the South Pacific from Western Samoa. Some new shipping routes have been opened recently along the country’s ports have resulted in more shipping routes being added to the existing ones. Some of the other popular shipping routes include the Salelologa route. The Oceania Shipping Route is another route that is very busy and has a high volume of traffic.

Shipping costs have been established as per standardized rates worldwide except for some localized variables. You can easily compare quotes by checking out the tariffs on the websites of the various shipping companies offering a variety of shipping services in Samoa.

13 shipping companies, agencies, logistics in Apia

Shipping Company Names Contact Details
Western Samoa Shipping Corporation Limited Private Bay, Apia, Samoa
+685 20935
Western Samoa Police & Fire Services Apia, Samoa
+685 22222
Transam Samoa Limited 2nd Floor, Chandra House, Convent Street, Matafele, Apia 3448, Samoa
+685 21150
Samoa Shipping Services Limited P O Box 1884, Sogi, Apia, Samoa
+685 20790
Samoa Ports Authority P O Box 2279, Matauti-Tai, Apia, Samoa
+685 64400
Samoa Polytechnic School Maritime Trainings, P O Box 3269, Apia, Samoa
+685 25092
Pacific Freight Limited P O Box 6271, Togafuafua, Apia, Samoa
+685 26094
Pacific Forum Line Matautu-Tai, Beach Road, Apia, Samoa
+685 20345
Morris Hedstrom Samoa Limited P O Box 1857, Apia, Samoa
+685 22722
Ministry Of Transport P O Box 1607, Apia, Samoa
+685 23700
Forum Shipping Agencies (fsa) Matautu-Tai, Beach Road, P O Box 655, Apia, Samoa
3228 1/8
Betham Brother's Enterprises Limited MacDonald Buil;ding, Beach Road, P O Box 3022, Apia, Samoa
+685 22613
Apia Stevedoring Limited P O Box 96, Apia, Samoa
+685 20276

11 shipping companies, agencies, logistics in American

Shipping Company Names Contact Details
Trans-pacific Shipping Agency Incorporated Suite 202, Fagatogo Square, P O Box 3710, Pago Pago, Samoa, American
+684 633 4528/9
Southwest Marine Of Samoa Incorporated P O Box 1387, Pago Pago, Samoa, American
+684 644 4122
South Pacific Resources Incorporated P O Box 488, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 633 5331
Shell / Pago Petroleum Products P O Box P, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 633 1214
Samoa Pacific Shipping Incorporated P O Box 1417, Samoa Sports Building, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 633 4665
Reid, G.h.c., & Company Limited P O Box 1269, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 699 1854
Polynesia Shipping Services Incorporated P O Box 1478, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 633 1211
Kfj Shipping Agency Incorporated P O Box 5566, Pago Pago 96799-5566, Samoa, American
+684 699 1224
Harbor Maritime & Stevedoring Co P O Box A, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 633 4210
Department Of Port Administration American Samoa Government, P O Box 1539, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 633 4251
Bp South West Pacific Limited P O Box 5620, Pago Pago 96799, Samoa, American
+684 6337 386

Other Shipping Companies in Samoa

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