List of Shipping Companies in Qatar

The State of Qatar, as the country is officially known, is an Arab country situated in the Western region of Asia and lies in the Arabian Peninsula on its northeastern coast. Large deposits of oil are usually transported to various places, therefore, the country has a very well connected transport system. Besides, Qatar has a number of shipping companies that transport goods for people who relocate from various parts of the world as the country has a large population of expatriates who come to work and live in the country.

Different types of shipping services are offered by vast number of shipping companies in Qatar and they include:

  • Cargo shipping services
  • Oil tankers
  • Freight shipping services
  • Liner services
  • Shipping services for Industrial needs
  • Refrigerated shipping services
  • Courier services
  • Shipping services for hazardous goods

Most of the shipping companies in Qatar are well connected to various ports as well as offers highly advance services in their own ports in the country. Therefore, a large number of international shipping services are able to transport goods and carry passengers to Qatar.

Shipping Routes

  1. The Red Sea
  2. The Mediterranean Sea
  3. The Arabian Gulf

Besides these three, there are many other routes that connect the world to Qatar. The shipping companies in Qatar also conduct cruises from their port at Doha, its capital city. This is a special attraction for tourists coming to visit their country.

The shipping costs in Qatar are standardized according to the global rates. However, local taxes, shipping routes, and the kind of goods transported and the distance to which the goods are transported determine the shipping costs in Qatar. All bookings can be done online on the websites of the various shipping companies where the tariff is usually mentioned.

38 shipping companies, agencies, logistics in Doha

Shipping Company Names Contact Details
Wilhelmsen Ships Services Qatar Limited Wll 57 Industrial Area, Street 32, Gate 33, Doha, Qatar
Wilhelmsen Ship Services Barwil Qatar Ltd, Al Attiya Villa's No.17B, Mansoura Road No.850, P O Box 22153, Doha , Qatar
+974 431 8406
Societe Generale De Surveillance (sgs) SGS Qatar, c/o Rumaillah Services Establishment, P O Box 2, Doha, Qatar
+974 432 6615
Shell Markets (middle East) Limited Al Mirqab Tower - 7th Floor, Corniche Road, West Bay, P O Box 3747, Doha, Qatar
+974 4957 777
Seven Seas Qatar Wll P O Box 22833, Doha, Qatar
+974 460 6872
Reed Smith Llp Law Offices of Dr Najeeb Al-Nauimi, No 3 Al Hilal, P O Box 9952, Doha, Qatar
+974 4675 379
Qatar Petroleum P O Box 47, Doha, Qatar
+974 440 2437
Qatar Petroleum Ras Laffan Industrial City, P O Box 22247, Doha, Qatar
+974 473 3225
Qatar Navigation Q.s.c. P O Box 153, Doha, Qatar
+974 4494 9666
Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited (qatargas) 12th Floor, Salam Tower, Corniche Road, West Bay, P O Box 22666, Doha, Qatar
+974 44736000
Qatar Gas Transport Company (nakilat) Royal Plaza, Al-Sadd Street, PO Box 22271, Doha, Qatar
+974 4 4998111
Qatar Fuel - Woqod 3rd & 4th Floor, Qatar Development Bank Building, Grand Hamad Street, P O Box 7777, Doha, Qatar
+974 4308888
Oil Trading & Tankers Limited (ott) P O Box 153, Doha, Qatar
+974 468770
Noble Denton Group Noble Denton Middle East W.L.L., P O Box 22933, Doha, Qatar
+974 436 1132
National Shipping & Marine Services Company P O Box 23113, Doha, Qatar
+974 435 8333
Moller-maersk, A.p., Group Maersk Qatar Maritime Service, 8th Floor - East, Al Jazi Tower, West Bay, Doha, Qatar
+974 495 7555
Milaha P O Box 153, Doha, Qatar
+974 4949800
Manwijs W.l.l. Mannai Building, Rayyan Street, P O Box 1310, Doha, Qatar
+974 4316933
Manweir Engineering Services Salwa Road, P O Box 4038, Doha 4038, Qatar
+974 4600 099
Maersk Qatar Maritime Services Wll 4th Floor, HSBC Building, Corniche Road, Doha, Qatar
+974 435 1903
Maersk Oil Qatar As Aljazi Tower, West Bay, Asia Street, P O Box 22050, Doha, Qatar
+974 449 3493
Kanoo Shipping Agencies (yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo & Company) P O Box 126, Doha , Qatar
+974 431 3360
Integrated Logistics Company P O Box 47376, Doha, Qatar
+974 4374145
Inchcape Shipping Services (iss) Inchcape Shipping Services (Qatar) W.L.L., Suite 202 & 203, 2nd Floor, Al Jaber Tower, Al Muthaf Street, Near Qatar Museum Roundabout, P O Box 24724, Doha, Qatar
+974 432 9810
Gulf Rocks Company c/o Aamal Co QSC, Mariott Renaissance City Tower, West Bay Area, P O Box: 22477, Doha, Qatar
+974 4460 2070
Gulf Commercial & Energy Services P O Box 5994, Doha, Qatar
+974 431 1346
Gulf Agency Company (qatar) W.l.l. P O Box 6534, Doha, Qatar
+974 420 5600
Germanischer Lloyd P O Box 55938, Doha, Qatar
+974 466 1909
Doha Marine Services W.l.l. 4th Floor, Faisaliyah Building, P O Box 37102, Doha, Qatar
+974 4604222
Doha Marine Services P O Box 174, Doha, Qatar
+974 600350
Det Norske Veritas A/s Entrance 1, Office No.1, Al Jufiri Centre, P O Box 22780, Doha, Qatar
+974 431 8067
Customs & Ports General Authority P O Box 81, Doha, Qatar
+974 445 7457
Cma Cgm S.a. CMA CGM Qatar, P O Box 22670, Doha, Qatar
+974 436 0428
Bureau Veritas P O Box 22157, Doha, Qatar
+974 443 7017
Asian Logistics & Shipping Agency Office No.311, 3rd Floor, Property Building, Ibn Seena Street, Al Muntazah, P O Box 9839, Doha, Qatar
+974 4432 8526
Alkhater, Hassan A. 4th Floor, Alfardan Centre, Grand Hamad Street, P O Box 1737, Doha, Qatar
+974 4437770
Ace Qatar Limited Office No. 5, Bin Naifa Complex, Al Difaf Street, Al Saad, P O Box 2745, Doha, Qatar
+974 413 0205
Abs (europe) 1st Floor, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Suhaim Al-Thani Building, Near Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Mosque, C Ring Road, P O Box 405, Doha, Qatar
+974 441 2938

Other 6 Shipping Companies in Qatar

Shipping Company Names Contact Details
Qatar Shipping Company Q.s.c. Al Jazeera Tower, 61 Conference Center Street, West Bay, Doha PO Box 22180, Qatar
+974 44949503
Qatar Petroleum Mesaieed Port Operations Department, P O Box 50070, Mesaieed, Qatar
+974 477 0215
Qatar Navigation Q.s.c. Ras Laffan, Qatar
+974 4474 8729
Nakilat-keppel Offshore & Marine Limited P.O. Box 28388, Erhama Bin Jaber Al Jalahma Shipyard, Southern Breakwater, Ras Laffan, Qatar
+974 4419 7300
Mannai Marine Company P O Box 24491, Mesaieed, Qatar
+974 477 1674
Bureau Veritas P O Box 22157, Old Salata, Doha, Ras Laffan, Qatar
+974 4437 017

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