List of Rivers in Oceania

Rivers in Oceania

Northeast of Australia in Pacific Ocean there are a group of Islands jointly known as Oceania. The total area of these Islands are combined to an approximation which equalizes to 1,270,000 km square. 83% of the area is occupied by three large Islands of Oceania, New Guinea, North and south New Zealand.
The international rivers in Oceania are: Fly River, Ok Tedi River and Sepik River.
Cook Islands: Avana River
Fiji: Ba River, Dreketi.Navua,Rewa, Sigatoka rivers
Papua New Guinea: Asaro river, Bae'e river, chimbu river, Eilanden River, Fly River,Gogol river, Jaba River, Kabenau river, Kikori river, Malas river, mambare river, Markham river, Ok Tedi river, Pulau river, Purari river, Ramu river, Sepik river, Sogeram river, Strickland river, Torokina river, Turama river, Watut river, Warangoi river, Wawoi river.
Western New Guinea: Mamberamo river, Tariku river, Taritatu river, Van Daalen river.

French Polynesia: Papenoo river

List of Rivers in Oceania by Country