List of National Parks in Minnesota

List of National Parks & State Parks in Minnesota

Minnesota State Parks and Recreation Areas

Park Name County or Counties Area in Acres (ha) Date Established:297 Body of Water Coordinates
Afton State Park Washington 1,600 acres (650 ha) 1969 St. Croix River 44.8624675°N 92.7835367°W
Banning State Park Pine 5,597 acres (2,265 ha) 1963 Kettle River 46.1707812°N 92.8440889°W
Bear Head Lake State Park St. Louis 3,013 acres (1,219 ha) 1961 Bear Head Lake 47.7963051°N 92.0768231°W
Beaver Creek Valley State Park Houston 715 acres (289 ha) 1937 East Beaver Creek 43.6427458°N 91.5818101°W
Big Bog State Recreation Area Beltrami 9,170 acres (3,710 ha) 2000 Red Lake, Tamarac River 48.172761°N 94.512033°W
Big Stone Lake State Park Big Stone 980 acres (400 ha) 1961 Big Stone Lake 45.3824644°N 96.5131148°W
Blue Mounds State Park Rock 1,567 acres (634 ha) 1937 Mound Creek 43.7069134°N 96.1869728°W
Buffalo River State Park Clay 1,068 acres (432 ha) 1937 Buffalo River 46.8655165°N 96.4678474°W
Camden State Park Lyon 1,855 acres (751 ha) 1935 Redwood River 44.362462°N 95.9250247°W
Carley State Park Wabasha 209 acres (85 ha) 1949 Whitewater River 44.1166318°N 92.1760002°W
Cascade River State Park Cook 2,867 acres (1,160 ha) 1957 Lake Superior and Cascade River 47.7097222°N 90.5222222°W
Charles A. Lindbergh State Park Morrison 417 acres (169 ha) 1931 Mississippi River 45.9588545°N 94.3952813°W
Crow Wing State Park Crow Wing, Cass, and Morrison 2,335 acres (945 ha) 1959 Mississippi and Crow Wing Rivers 46.2722222°N 94.3333333°W
Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Crow Wing 6,850 acres (2,770 ha) 1993 Chain of small lakes and streams, filled pit mines 46.489550°N 93.977500°W
Father Hennepin State Park Mille Lacs 275 acres (111 ha) 1941 Mille Lacs Lake 46.1446779°N 93.4880157°W
Flandrau State Park Brown 840 acres (340 ha) 1937 Cottonwood River 44.2882956°N 94.4735837°W
Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park Fillmore 3,163 acres (1,280 ha) 1963 South Branch Root River and tributaries 43.6255204°N 92.247388°W
Fort Ridgely State Park Nicollet and Renville 537 acres (217 ha) 1911 Fort Ridgely Creek 44.4524621°N 94.7308199°W
Fort Snelling State Park Ramsey, Hennepin, and Dakota 1,825 acres (739 ha) 1961 Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers 44.8857988°N 93.1779985°W
Franz Jevne State Park Koochiching 118 acres (48 ha) 1967 Rainy River 48.642240°N 94.080410°W
Frontenac State Park Goodhue 2,226 acres (901 ha) 1957 Lake Pepin on Mississippi River 44.5074677°N 92.3262914°W
Garden Island State Recreation Area Lake of the Woods 715 acres (289 ha) 1998 Lake of the Woods 49.175335°N 94.834671°W
George H. Crosby Manitou State Park Lake 6,200 acres (2,500 ha) 1955 Manitou River 47.506018°N 91.109045°W
Glacial Lakes State Park Pope 1,857 acres (752 ha) 1963 Several kettle lakes 45.537461°N 95.521983°W
Glendalough State Park Otter Tail 1,924 acres (779 ha) 1991 Six kettle lakes 46.3333333°N 95.6666667°W
Gooseberry Falls State Park Lake 1,741 acres (705 ha) 1937 Lake Superior, Gooseberry River 47.1468715°N 91.4632289°W
Grand Portage State Park Cook 278 acres (113 ha) 1989 Pigeon River 48.0101633°N 89.6120317°W
Great River Bluffs State Park Winona 2,122 acres (859 ha) 1971 Mississippi River 43.9463526°N 91.3993094°W
Greenleaf Lake State Recreation Area Meeker 1,230 acres (500 ha) 2004 Greenleaf and Sioux Lakes 45.01591°N 94.46671°W
Hayes Lake State Park Roseau 2,118 acres (857 ha) 1967 Hayes Lake, North Fork Roseau River 48.6233095°N 95.5077539°W
Hill-Annex Mine State Park Itasca 634 acres (257 ha) 1988 Filled pit mine 47.327490°N 93.277520°W
Interstate State Park Chisago 288 acres (117 ha) 1895 St. Croix River 45.3949622°N 92.6696521°W
Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area St. Louis 1,864 acres (754 ha) 2002 Lake Ore-be-gone 47.48247°N 92.44349°W
Itasca State Park Hubbard, Clearwater, and Becker 30,553 acres (12,364 ha) 1891 Lake Itasca 47.1974579°N 95.2019642°W
Jay Cooke State Park Carlton 8,125 acres (3,288 ha) 1915 Saint Louis River 46.6496646°N 92.330748°W
John A. Latsch State Park Winona 409 acres (166 ha) 1925 Mississippi River 44.1619082°N 91.8220997°W
Judge C. R. Magney State Park Cook 4,323 acres (1,749 ha) 1957 Lake Superior, Brule River 47.8512799°N 90.0584299°W
Kilen Woods State Park Jackson 202 acres (82 ha) 1945 Des Moines River 43.7266244°N 95.0630473°W
La Salle Lake State Recreation Area Hubbard 1,000 acres (400 ha) 2011 Mississippi River, La Salle Lake 47.33719°N 95.17061°W
Lac qui Parle State Park Lac qui Parle and Chippewa 897 acres (363 ha) 1959 Lac qui Parle, Minnesota and Lac qui Parle Rivers 45.0205141°N 95.888921°W
Lake Bemidji State Park Beltrami 1,653 acres (669 ha) 1923 Lake Bemidji 47.5363413°N 94.8227704°W
Lake Bronson State Park Kittson 2,806 acres (1,136 ha) 1937 Lake Bronson, South Branch Two Rivers 48.7247004°N 96.6033741°W
Lake Carlos State Park Douglas 1,175 acres (476 ha) 1937 Lake Carlos 45.9866293°N 95.3278143°W
Lake Louise State Park Mower 849 acres (344 ha) 1963 Lake Louise, Upper and Little Iowa Rivers 43.5335762°N 92.5254538°W
Lake Maria State Park Wright 1,475 acres (597 ha) 1963 Several kettle lakes 45.3138543°N 93.9572003°W
Lake Shetek State Park Murray County 1,109 acres (449 ha) 1937 Lake Shetek 44.1021838°N 95.6900114°W
Lake Vermilion State Park St. Louis 2,875 acres (1,163 ha) 2010 Lake Vermilion 47.83471°N 92.19812°W
Maplewood State Park Otter Tail 8,127 acres (3,289 ha) 1963 Several kettle lakes 46.5335703°N 95.9492193°W
McCarthy Beach State Park St. Louis 1,908 acres (772 ha) 1945 Sturgeon and Side Lakes 47.6727068°N 93.0301834°W
Mille Lacs Kathio State Park Mille Lacs 9,786 acres (3,960 ha) 1957 Mille Lacs Lake, Rum River 46.1288485°N 93.7405269°W
Minneopa State Park Blue Earth 1,617 acres (654 ha) 1905 Minnesota River, Minneopa Creek 44.1621879°N 94.1021803°W
Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area Hennepin, Dakota, Scott, Carver, Sibley, and Le Sueur 6,442 acres (2,607 ha) 1969 Minnesota River 44.661999°N 93.703337°W
Monson Lake State Park Swift 343 acres (139 ha) 1937 Monson and West Sunberg Lakes 45.3205175°N 95.2750235°W
Moose Lake State Park Carlton 829 acres (335 ha) 1971 Moosehead and Echo Lakes 46.436319°N 92.72521°W
Myre-Big Island State Park Freeborn 1,578 acres (639 ha) 1947 Albert Lea Lake 43.6238465°N 93.2890959°W
Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park Rice 1,646 acres (666 ha) 1945 Prairie Creek 44.3452425°N 93.1074337°W
Old Mill State Park Marshall 287 acres (116 ha) 1951 Middle River 48.361364°N 96.5703288°W
Red River State Recreation Area Polk 104 acres (42 ha) 1997 Red River of the North and Red Lake River 47.9327778°N 97.0355556°W
Rice Lake State Park Steele and Dodge 712 acres (288 ha) 1963 Rice Lake 44.0874639°N 93.061315°W
St. Croix Islands State Recreation Area Washington 25 acres (10 ha) 1935 St. Croix River 45.08524°N 92.78608°W
St. Croix State Park Pine 31,775 acres (12,859 ha) 1943 St. Croix River 45.9741154°N 92.5835304°W
Sakatah Lake State Park Le Sueur and Rice 810 acres (330 ha) 1963 Sakatah Lake on the Cannon River 44.2210746°N 93.5357792°W
Savanna Portage State Park Aitkin and St. Louis 15,277 acres (6,182 ha) 1961 East and West Savanna Rivers, numerous kettle lakes 46.8374455°N 93.1566054°W
Scenic State Park Itasca 2,370 acres (960 ha) 1921 Sandwick and Coon Lakes 47.7157733°N 93.5629701°W
Schoolcraft State Park Cass and Itasca 141 acres (57 ha) 1959 Mississippi River 47.2249502°N 93.7999449°W
Sibley State Park Kandiyohi 2,540 acres (1,030 ha) 1919 Lake Andrew and other kettle lakes 45.3196867°N 95.0230696°W
Soudan Underground Mine State Park St. Louis 974 acres (394 ha) 1963 Lake Vermilion 47.8246403°N 92.2562691°W
Split Rock Creek State Park Pipestone 947 acres (383 ha) 1937 Split Rock Lake 43.8980264°N 96.3642032°W
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park Lake 2,112 acres (855 ha) 1945 Lake Superior, Split Rock River 47.1921472°N 91.3929484°W
Temperance River State Park Cook 1,134 acres (459 ha) 1957 Lake Superior, Temperance and Cross Rivers 47.5543466°N 90.8723722°W
Tettegouche State Park Lake 8,998 acres (3,641 ha) 1979 Lake Superior and Baptism River 47.358806°N 91.2640506°W
Upper Sioux Agency State Park Yellow Medicine 1,065 acres (431 ha) 1963 Minnesota and Yellow Medicine Rivers 44.7380132°N 95.4539039°W
Whitewater State Park Winona 1,672 acres (677 ha) 1919 Whitewater River 44.058297°N 92.0587726°W
Wild River State Park Chisago 6,574 acres (2,660 ha) 1973 St. Croix River 45.5680159°N 92.8757696°W
William O'Brien State Park Washington 1,783 acres (722 ha) 1947 St. Croix River 45.2194109°N 92.7660423°W
Zippel Bay State Park Lake of the Woods 2,826 acres (1,144 ha) 1959 Lake of the Woods 48.8638742°N 94.8593862°W