List of Forests in the World

Forests play a prominent role in the protection of all kind of species on the Earth. Forests are the main bio reserves of the world. Hence, forests are often considered as natural world because you cannot see artificial/man made things. Basic things such as air, water and food comes from the forest, which helps species of animals and organisms to survive. We can find rare species only in the forests. Forest comprises of vast quantity of plants, trees and many species such as fungi, bacteria and animals.

Plants take carbon dioxide during photosynthesis process and releases oxygen for us in return. As we know that, forest is the main source for plants and trees. Forest helps to maintain global temperature of our planet. Approximately 9.4 percent of surface area is covered by forests on the earth and however once they covered area about 50 percent.

If we eradicate the forests for our benefits, the entire ecosystem begins to fall along with trees and plants. Russia stands on the first place in terms of largest forest area. One of the unknown facts is that, forest area of Russia is equal to the size of Australian continent. Brazil is the second largest country in the world in terms of forest area. Canada, United States, China, Australia, Congo, Argentina, Indonesia and India are listed as top most countries in the world with the largest forest area.

Types of Forests

Forests around the world are classified into various kinds based on few factors such as age of the forest, soil and density of the forest. Different types include,

  • Tropical rain forests
  • Mediterranean forests
  • Temperate forests
  • Coniferous forests
  • Montane forests

Tropical Rain Forests 

Tropical Rain Forests grow in the area where rainfalls are more and the temperature is warm. Amazons River Basin in South America and Congo River Basin in central Africa are considered as largest tropical rain forests in the world.

Mediterranean Forests

Mediterranean forests contain hot summers and colder winters. This kind of forest exists in fynbos of South Africa, the matorral of Chile California and southwestern Australia.

Temperate Forests

Temperate forests cover huge areas of North America, Northeastern Asia, western and Eastern Europe places. In temperate forests, plants and trees grow in very cold winter.

Coniferous Forests

Coniferous forests are found in northern North America, Europe and Asia places. Sufficient rainfall occurs in this region and most widely, Hardwoods and conifers are found in Coniferous forests.

Montane Forests

Montane forests are also referred as cloud forests because they receive rainfall from the fog. These forests are seen in high-elevation tropical, subtropical and temperate regions.

Without the forest, earth cannot maintain its high temperature. Forests are also known as Earth's lungs. Here you can find a list of forests in the world. We have classified list of forests in each country and in its each state.

Forests Around the World

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Australia Forests Canada Forests
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List of Countries By Forest Area

Top 10 Biggest and Popular Rainforests in The World

  • Emas National Park and Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Brazil
  • Sinharaja Forest, Srilanka
  • Montecristo cloud Forest, El Salvador
  • The Monteverade Forest, Costa Rica
  • The Mount Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia
  • Sapo National Park, Liberia
  • Alaska’s Rainforests
  • The Amazon Rainforests
  • Ecuador’s Cloud Forests
  • Daintree, Australia