List of Forests in China

China’s forests are under incredible stress for development. Average temperature of china forest is from 3 to 15.6 °C. Therefore, it comprises of warm and colder winter. It is very tragic that due to development of country most of the important primeval forests were robbed and which made elephants to move till Beijing.

Today, only 2% of its forests (of 55,448 square kilometers) continue to exist, of which only 0.1% is fully protected.

Intact Forests are Scattered throughout China:

  • Southwest: Western Sichuan; the Nu-Salween River valley
  • Northeast (Daxing’an mountains)
  • Northwest (Xinjiang).

In 1988,  "Natural Forests Protection Project” was introduced by China after unintended consequence occurrence of Yangtze River floods, which was the great turning point in China’s forest protection policies for the country’s exhausted forests.

Natural Forests Protection Project

This policy was introduced to protect the forests as well as decrease commercial logging in mid and upper reaches of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.

Plantations: A False Solution

The rapid growth of commercial plantation forests destroying the state of China’s natural forests to fast growing eucalyptus or poplar.

Plantation forests destroy such as

  • Ecology
  • Biodiversity
  • Degrade forest quality
  • Threaten the vitality

Even after cutting down the natural forests, forest coverage has increased rapidly with the replacement of plantations.

Distribution of Forests in China

  • The Greater Hinggan
  • The Lesser Hinggan
  • The Changbai Mountain
  • The Xishuangbanna Tropical Forest
  • The Shennongjia Virgin Forest
  • The Wuyishan Mountain
  • The Forest of Taiwan

List of Forests in China

  • Lijiang River Landscape(Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region)
  • Wulingyuan Peak Forest (Hunan Province)
  • Wanfenglin Peak Forest (Guizhou Province)
  • Sanqing Mountain (Jiangxi Province)
  • Luoping Peak Forest(Yunnan Province)