List of Deserts in North America

Deserts in North America

There are quite a few deserts in the continent of South America. Here we will cover details about few famous South American deserts covering aspects like their geography, history, plants, animals, etymology, culture, people, Weather, Flora, Fauna and Water.

The Great Basis Desert

The Great Basis Desert is the northern most desert of the North American Continent covering significant part of states like significant parts of Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona. The Great Basis Desert is at the highest elevation among the North American Deserts and experience freezing temperature during winters. The rainfall also varies with Northern region and highland receiving 300 mm of rainfall which is almost double of the other region under the desert. Vegetation is limited to typical desert shrubs with almost no trees. Animal life is also typical to desert animals with lizards, snakes and scorpion is abundance. Human habitat is mostly limited to developed cities and irrigated lands. Most of the interiors of desert are occupied only by herd rearing tribes.

The Mojave Desert

Named after the Mohave tribe of the North America, he Mojave or Mohave Desert is situated towards the south eastern California and extends to Nevada and Arizona. The Mojave Desert presents extreme temperature with winter temperature ranging between -7 to 25 degrees centigrade and summer temperature between 45 to 54 degrees centigrade. Some higher elevation areas experience winter temperature as low as -20 degree centigrade. Rainfall in winter season is also typical characteristic of the Mojave Desert. While the desert is sparsely populated it is becoming urbanized very fast. The flora and fauna are typical to any desert with richest and diversified flora being found in south western edge of the desert. The desert receives less than 120 mm rainfall per year and sometimes it does not receive any rainfall at all.

The Sonoran Desert

One of the largest and hottest deserts in North America. It covers a very large part of South Western United States in Arizona, California and Northwest Mexico. It is the lushest desert compared to other North American desert with different varieties of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Flora have evolved and thrive is the harsh weather conditions of Sonoran Desert. The desert is home to seventeen contemporary Native American tribes and is also home to many new American cities with Phoenix being the densely populated.

Chihuahuan Desert

This desert is located in the US-Mexico border. The temperatures in summer are relatively high with cold winters. The rainfall is scant with 80 mm on average. The vegetation and animal life is very typical to any desert. The human habitat is scant but urbanization is growing with cities like Texas and New Mexico.

North America Deserts List

  • Central Valley of California 
  • Chihuahuan Desert
  • Colorado Desert
  • Mojave Desert
  • Sonoran Desert

North American Deserts List

  • Western Canada
    • Carcross Desert
    • Fraser Canyon 
    • Thompson Country 
    • Nk'mip Desert
  • Washington - Idaho - Wyoming - Oregon
    • Channeled Scablands, a desert in the Columbia Basin of eastern Washington
    • Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho
    • Red Desert (Wyoming)
    • Owyhee Desert, in southwestern Idaho, northern Nevada, and southeastern Oregon.
    • Yp Desert, a portion of the Owyhee Desert in Idaho
    • Alvord Desert, a dry lake in eastern Oregon
    • Oregon High Desert, aka "Great Sandy Desert", eastern Oregon
  • Nevada
    • Black Rock Desert
    • Forty Mile Desert, Nevada
    • Great Basin Desert 
    • Smoke Creek Desert, Nevada
    • Amargosa Desert, in lower southwestern Nevada
  • Utah
    • Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah
    • San Rafael Desert
    • Sevier Desert 
  • The Colorado Plateau 
    • Escalante Desert, Utah
    • Bisti Badlands Desert, New Mexico
    • Painted Desert, Arizona
  • Mojave Desert - California (the High Desert)
    • Death Valley, California
  • Sonoran Desert
    • Colorado Desert, Southern California (the Low Desert)
      • Yuha Desert, Imperial Valley, California
    • Yuma Desert, southwest Arizona
    • Lechuguilla Desert, southwest Arizona
    • Tule Desert (Arizona) and Sonora, Mexico
    • Gran Desierto de Altar, Sonora, Mexico
    • Baja California Desert, State of Baja California, Mexico
      • Vizcaíno Desert, central State of Baja California, Mexico
  • Chihuahuan Desert
    • Trans-Pecos Desert, west Texas
    • White Sands, unusual gypsum dune field in New Mexico