List of Deserts in Europe

Deserts in Europe

When we talk about Europe we always thing about Lush green patches or snow clad mountains and beautiful plains. We never imagine deserts being part of Europe but it is fact that Europe has its own share of deserts. In Europe we find Arid as well as Semi-Arid desert. The following are the major deserts in Europe:

Accona Desert

Accona Desert is a desert in Tuscany, Italy and is characterized by dome shaped formations known as white dunes or biancane due to its light shades. The rainfall in this region is mostly less than 600 mm which makes it a semi-arid region. The population here mostly engages in agriculture with the help of irrigation facility. The human inhabitant is more in comparison to other desert areas. The flora and fauna is mostly similar to any other desert areas.

Oltenia Sahara

This is an example of desertification because of deforestation. Oltenia is the largest desert is Europe and because of its vast expanse has gained the title of Europe’s Sahara. Oltenia Desert is located in Romanian province of Oltenia and is spread over approximately 800 square kilo meters. Mostly uninhabited by human or animal life, this desert or sandy area came into existence after 1960 as a result of excessive deforestation. The expansion of the forest has been checked by planting trees and animal life is starting to gain space in this desert.

Tabernas Desert

Located in the province of Almeria in Spain is spread over an area of 280 square kilo meters. Tabernas Desert receives an annual rainfall of less than 15 cm per year and the temperature is mostly sunny with summer temperature being above 40 degrees centigrade and winter temperature rarely going below freezing point. Animal life is scarce with little vegetation and lands inability to retain moisture. Human life is also limited because of such weather conditions.

There are other desert and semi-desert areas in Europe but nothing which can be compared to deserts in other continents. The desert expanse is mostly limited. Deliblato Sand area is also notable desert which is formed because of withdrawal of Pannonian Sea but has fair amount of forestation and animal life. The other desert areas in Europe are Bardenas Desert in Spain, Oleshky Deserts in Ukraine and Ryn Desert in Kazakhstan.

European Deserts List

  • Accona Desert – a semi-desert in central Italy
  • Bardenas Reales – a semi-desert in Navarre, Spain (455 km²)
  • Błędowska Desert – a desert located in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland (32 km²)
  • Deliblatska Peščara – a desert located in Vojvodina, Serbia (300 km²)
  • Highlands of Iceland – the interior plateau of Iceland
  • Monegros Desert – a semi-desert in Aragón, Spain
  • Oleshky Sands – a desert located in Ukraine near Askania-Nova biosphere reserve (15 km in diameter)
  • Oltenian Sahara – a desert spanning approximately 80,000 hectares
  • Piscinas – a desert located in southwest Sardinia, Italy (5 km²)
  • Ryn Desert – a desert in western Kazakhstan and southeastern Russia, north of the Caspian Sea and southeast of the Volga Upland.
  • Stranja Sahara - a desert in southeastern Bulgaria near the city of Burgas.
  • Tabernas Desert – a desert in Almería, Spain (280 km²)
  • Pumas Desert - a desert in Spain (province)