List of Deserts in Asia

Deserts in Asia

Deserts are in every continent and Asia has few notable ones. Here we will cover details about few famous Asian deserts covering aspects like their geography, history, plants, animals, etymology, culture, people, human life, weather, Flora, Fauna and Water.

Gobi Desert

Gobi desert one of the largest deserts in the world covering much of the southern Mongolia and part of northern and north western China. It experience extreme weather with temperature ranging from 40 degrees centigrade in summer to -40 degrees centigrade in winter and rainfall as low as 100mm a year. Gobi desert is home to Cashmere goat, Gobi bears and two humped camel. The desert has only few oasis providing water source and vegetation is very scarce with mostly wild bushes. However, locals grow tomatoes, cucumber and peppers in the area adjoining the oasis. Gobi desert is largely uninhabited.

Thar Desert

The Thar Desert is situated in western part of India and Eastern part of Pakistan. Thar Desert is the night largest subtropical desert in the world. The origin of Thar Desert has been a debatable subject with some considering it to be 4000 to 10000 years old while other states that it started much earlier. Thar Desert has a diversified habitat and ecosystem and due to this Thar Desert has variety of vegetation, human and animal life. The region has animal’s life like Indian Gazelle, Blackbuck and Red Fox to name a few. Natural Vegetation is dry but farming is done using artificial irrigation and is one of the most densely populated desert. Though it has rivers like Indus and Saraswati, water is scarce and rainfall is also quite less. More...

Taklamakan Desert

Taklamakan desert is desert in the north western china and bounded by Kunlun Mountains to the south, Pamir Mountains to the west and mount Imeon to the north. The name Taklamakan is made of two words takla meaning abandoned and makan means place. Taklamakan is a cold desert with temperature going as low as -20 degrees centigrade and extremely dry. Taklamakan is mostly uninhabited with regions around only being occupied by largely Turkic Uyghur people.

Syrian Desert

Syrian Desert is an arid region in Middle East region covering parts of Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The desert has little or no vegetation with hardly any human presence. Animal life is also scarce since there is hardly any source of water with only some oasis presence.

Typical to any desert, the Asian deserts also have low vegetation and are scarcely populated. The Thar Desert is an exception because of rich historical presence and is a thriving business area and is highly populated desert.

Asia Deserts List

  • Akshi Desert – a desert in India
  • Badain Jaran – a desert located in China
  • Cholistan – a desert in Pakistan
  • Gobi – a desert in Mongolia and China
  • Indus Valley Desert – a desert located in Pakistan
  • Kara Kum – a large Central Asian desert
  • Kharan desert – a desert located in Pakistan
  • Kyzyl Kum – a desert in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Lop Desert – a desert in China
  • Ordos – a desert in northern China
  • Rub' al Khali – a desert located in Saudi Arabia
  • Taklamakan – a desert located in China
  • Thal Desert – a desert in Pakistan
  • Thar Desert – a desert in Pakistan and India
  • Arabian Desert 
  • Dasht-e Kavir – a desert in central Iran
  • Dasht-e Lut – a large salt desert in southeastern Iran
  • Judean Desert – a desert in eastern Israel and the West Bank
  • Maranjab Desert – a desert in central Iran
  • Negev – a desert located in southern Israel
  • Ramlat al-Sab`atayn – a sandy desert in central & northeastern Yemen
  • Sinai Desert – a desert located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt
  • Wahiba Sands – a desert in Oman

Asian Deserts List By Countrywise

Name Country
Ad-Dahna Desert Saudi Arabia
Al Khatim Desert United Arab Emirates
An Nafud Saudi Arabia
Aral Karakum Kazakhstan
Aralkum Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Betpak-Dala desert
Dashti Margo Afghanistan
Flaming Cliffs Mongolia
Gurbantunggut Desert China
Hami Desert China
Karakum Desert Turkmenistan
Kumtagh China
Neigenan desert
Ordos Desert China
Petregan playa Iran
Registan Desert Afghanistan
Ryn Desert Kazakhstan
Saryesik-Atyrau Desert Kazakhstan
Shapotou desert
Syrian Desert Iraq, Jordan, Syria
Tengger Desert China
Zin Desert Israel

List of Deserts of Pakistan

  • Cholistan Desert
  • Indus Valley Desert
  • Kharan Desert
  • Thal Desert
  • Thar Desert