List of Mountains in Africa

List of Mountains in Africa

African Mountain Name Height (Mtrs) Place
Ahaggar Mountains 2,918 m Algeria
Auasberge 2,484 m Namibia
Aïr Mountains NA Niger
Chappal Waddi 2,419m Nigeria
Drakensberg Cathkin Peak 3,149 m Lesotho-South Africa
Emi Koussi 3,415 m Chad
Kompassberg 2,500 m South Africa
Mount Moco 2,610 m Angola
Mount Baker 4,844 m Congo-Uganda
Mount Cameroon 4,075 m Cameroon
Mount Elgon 4,321 m Kenya-Uganda
Mount Emin 4,798 m Congo-Uganda
Mount Gessi 4,715 m Congo-Uganda
Mount Kadam 3,054 m Uganda
Mount Karisimbi 4,507 m Rwanda-Congo
Mount Kenya 5,199 m Kenya
Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 m Tanzania - highest mountain in Africa
Mount Kinyeti 3,187 m Sudan
Mount Luigi di Savoia 4,627 m Congo-Uganda
Mount Meru 4,566 m Tanzania - little known due to its close proximity to Kilimanjaro
Mount Moroto 3,083 m Uganda
Mount Morungole 2,750 m Uganda
Mount Mulanje 3,002 m Malawi
Pico del Teide 3,717 m Tenerife - highest mountain in Spain
Ras Dejen 4,533 m Ethiopia
Mount Rungwe 3,175 m Zambia
Mount Speke 4,890 m Congo-Uganda
Mount Stanley 5,119 m Congo-Uganda
Jbel Toubkal 4,167 m Morocco
Table Mountain/Tafelberg 1,088 m Cape Town, South Africa

Teffedest Mountains, Algeria

  • Mount Zulia (2,149), Uganda
  • Mount Sinai (2,285 m), Egypt
  • Mount Serbal (2,070 m), Egypt

Principal Mountains


Mountain chain

Height(m) Country/countries
Kilimanjaro Rift Valley 5895 Tanzania
Mount Kenya Rift Valley 5199 Kenya

Mitumba Mountains

5119 Uganda/Dem. Rep.of Congo
Ras Dashen Simen Mountains 4620 Ethiopia
Karisimbi Mitumba Mountains 4507 Rwanda
Jebel Toubkal High Atlas 4167 Morocco
Mont Cameroun Adamoua 4070 Cameroon

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