Lightweight travel trailer, as its name suggests, includes a wide range of varieties made lightweight especially for easy towing. The traveler's passion, lightweight travel trailers are especially useful for comfortable moving along with homely feelings. The lightweight travel trailer turns the innermost dreams of adventure into reality - be it weekend escaping with partner or meeting with faraway children or exploring great landscape, lightweight travel trailer is always the best option to choose.


Lightweight travel trailers include a variety of ranges including -

Airstream Basecamp:

According to the company logo, it is the passion for life that adds to Airstream to create a Basecamp. With the inspiration of an innovative eye of the founder of Airstream Wally Byam, Airstream is the symbol of constant and steady innovation and improvement. On 2006, Airstream proudly celebrated 75th birth anniversary.

Aliner and Cabin A:

Aliner is considered as one of the lightest, most aerodynamic as well as economic fuel consumption amongst the recreational vehicles. It is sold worldwide. The primary feature of Aliner displays an easy to use design that took less than 20 seconds to set up.

R Vision:

R Vision is a renowned company that offers a great range of recreational vehicles including class A, class B and class C motor homes. R Vision travel trailers in addition to fifth wheels come with various floor plans.

Shadow Cruiser:

It comes under two brands - Fun Finder X and Fun Finder Xtra. A great value for money, lightweight travel trailers provides profound excitement.

Thor Tab:

Tab comes with laminated travel trailer. Tab is laminated over foam insulation. Primarily Tab comes with 6 different skins, 6 trim colors, and 5 decal packages in order to customize. The shape is quite significant which is having diminutive size. Tab can be towed with a wide range of vehicles compared to other trailers. Tab is even so light that it can be handled with the help of hand or it can be pulled by using mini vans and passenger cars.

Essentially there are four types of travel trailers that come under lightweight category, they are

  • Pop-up tent trailers
  • Fiberglass eggs
  • Teardrop trailers
  • Ultra lightweights

Likewise other travel trailers, lightweight categories include air conditioner, microwave, refrigerator, port-a-potty, and bathroom with shower. Additionally, lightweight travel trailer may include flat screen television along with satellite TV and other various features.