Lifeline Express

Ever heard of ‘hospital on wheels’? Yes, you read it right! Lifeline Express is a portable hospital train developed by Indian Railways and Health Ministry. Funded by Impact UK Foundation, an international charitable source; this train also gets funds from Indian corporate organizations and individuals. This whole new revolution in Indian hospitality was marked on 16th July 1991. Till date, over 400,000 Indians benefitted from this hospital train in even the most inaccessible and far-flung rural places of India.

Lifeline express synonymously known as Jeevan Rekha Express was established to provide on-the-spot diagnostic, medical and progressive surgical treatment to people in order to prevent and cure diseases and disorders in adults and children. For rural masses are unaware of the diseases and disorders, and the treatment available to cure them, the Indian government runs this train to the most rural and inaccessible places across India on a 63,500 kilometer track line.

This remarkable masterpiece of local government and voluntary health industry sets itself as an example for the local bodies to involve themselves in health aspect programmes’ and render follow-up services to the patients after the train has left. The first ever mobile hospital provides screening, diagnosis and other thwarting disabilities to its patients for the last 20 years.

Services Provided by Lifeline Express Train

A tour de force in itself, this mobile hospital renders a number of facilities and treatments to its rural patients across India.

  1. For people infected with polio, Lifeline express has Orthopedic and surgical involvement for disabling handicap and restoring movement.
  2. Cataract surgery and intraocular lenses facility.
  3. To disable the deafness, Audiometry and surgical facility is provided by Jeevan Rekha.
  4. Operations for Cleft palate are also carried out.
  5. Counseling the patients.
  6. Health facilities and follow-ups.
  7. Preventive measures for other diseases and disorders.
  8. Assessment of Nutritional facilities and other service.
  9. Marketing health awareness and rural and unaware people.
  10. Running a training medical camp to health-allied professionals.

Facilities by Lifeline Express Train

Jeevan Rekha Train has expressly designed air-conditioned coaches, an operation theatre with three operating tables and a sterilizing room. Apart from these, it also has many patient wards, on-board power generators, a pantry car, a storage room for medical supplies, and housing for medical staff.

Indian Railways renovated this train in 2007 giving it five coaches, the first of which is an office, a medical store, two autoclave units, a drawing room and a staff compartment consisting of 12 coaches, a kitchen, a water purifier unit, a gas stove, oven and a refrigerator.

The train has operation theaters, closed circuit television cameras, Ophthalmologic testing room, a lab, an X-Ray unit and other technical facilities handling more than 93 projects all over India since its launch.