Liberty Travel


Liberty Travel is the brand name in the world of travel and tourism. It plans for an ideal vacation which not only suits to one's budget needs but a complete satisfaction and serenity of mind that may contribute to the most memorable experience of life. Be it a honeymoon deal or a weekend escape, Liberty Travel specialists are always there to guide their customers.

The most important feature of Liberty Travel is their ideology to provide support in a holistic approach. Starting from selecting destination to sightseeing, or to arrange candle light dinner to spa treatments, Liberty Travel leads the ways to adopt expert organizational skills and extensive knowledge base


Liberty Travel facilitates more than 400 destinations that accommodate almost every personalities and life styles of the individuals. Their packages are flexible but intelligently and aesthetically designed for different types of experiences such as sunny beach, sloppy snowboard, casinos, spa and sports. They offer quick getaways for those who hardly manage their time for vacation except the weekend. Not only that, but Liberty Travel is mostly adored for their skillfully designed honeymoon packages and family packages.

Special Attractions

Liberty Travel is always after providing their customers as a valued individual. For this purpose, they usually care a special mode of packages with almost all of their offers to make it more exquisite in nature. Among them, spa travel offer is a unique opportunity to the travelers who are planning their destinations in the islands of Caribbean, Canada, US West, Hawaii or Mexico. Being holistic in nature, it pampers the overall health of an individual and allows it to get relaxed.

Liberty Travel is an excellent place for newly married couples. They offer exotic honeymoon travel packages in a highly romantic environment. Beautiful waterfalls, romantic candle light dinner, hot nightlife, tropical drinks, warm sunny beaches are few attractions of the destinations they usually suggest the customers of romance travel.

For many of the travelers, Liberty Travel is set as top priority mainly because of its expert customization, dynamism and flexibility. It not only focuses on family travels, but also puts its emphasis on several other options such as adventure travels, cultural travels, single vacations, golf vacations, casino travels, and many more.


Liberty Travel is available in the form of online travel and stores. More than 200 stores in different places around the world come under its flag. The primary destinations include Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, South Pacific and United States.