Liberia is a country situated on the west coasts of Africa. The country is bordered by “Cote d Ivoire, Atlantic Ocean, Guinea and Sierra Leone”. The country has the scorching climate and has most of the rainfall in summer with the insensitive winds in dry season.

Capital: Monrovia
President: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Currency: Liberian dollar
National anthem: All Hail, Liberia, Hail!
Official language: English Language

Previous Olympic Records Medals:

The country has not won any single medal in the summer and the winter Olympics till date.


The name of the country denotes to “liberty” as in the year 1822 the free slaves moved to the country, who had founded it in the year 1847 with support of Government of United States which had created the novel racial group known as the Americo- Liberians.


The Anthropological research displays that the area of the country was populated at least from the 12th century or possibly earlier. The Mende speaking inhabitants expanded westward, with forcing the large number of the small groups to move southward toward Atlantic Ocean. The former recorded arrivals were the Bassa, Gissi, Deys, Gola and Kru. All this novel population brought the skills as cloth weaving, iron smelting, sorghum cultivation, cotton spinning and rice cultivation.

Liberia Flag


The country has population of more than 3 millions and comprises of the 16 different foreign minorities and indigenous racial groups. The native people comprises of near about 85% of population, in which the largest are Kpelle in western and central Liberia. The descendants of the freed slaves, Americo Liberians who arrived in the country in the year 1821, comprises of the 15% of the total population, in which the half are from Caribbean and half are from the US origin.

Government and Policies:

The country has the dual system of the statutory law which is based on the Anglo- American common law for the conventional sector and the traditional unrecorded law for new sector for exceptionally rural tribes. The modern sector of the country consists of the 3 equal government branches in constitution, although the branch of the executive which is headed by the President of the country is strongest among three.

Culture :

Traditionally the country is famous for its cultural skills, hospitality, craft and art works and the academic institutions. The country has the prosperous history in the quilting and the textiles arts. The former and the free US slaves who immigrated to country, have brought the quilting and the sewing skills with them.

Economy :

Historically the economy of the country heavily depends on the rubber exports and the iron ore, exports of the natural resources as timber and also the foreign direct investment. Primarily the foreign trade was conducted for benefit of Americo- Liberian leaders, with business among the indigenous Liberians and foreigners strictly restricted most of the history by the Ports of the Entry Act in the year 1864.


The country has the restricted infrastructure which was many times damaged by the long civil war of the country. The roads in the country are extremely in the poor condition because of the heavy rains and poor maintenance. Approximately only the 6% national road network of 10,600 km is paved.

Airports in Liberia:

A Tubman Airport Foya Airport Rivercess Airport Sprigg Payne Airport Voinjama Airport
AFC Airport Grand Cess Airport Roberts Intl Airport Tapeta Airport Weasua Airport
Bella Yella Airport Nimba Airport Sasstown Airport Tchien Airport Wologissi Airport
Buchanan Airport R E Murray Airport      


The education in the country is mandatory for the age group of 6- 16 years. According to the census of the year 1999, 83% of the children enrolled in the primary school, whereas only 20% attended the secondary schools. The student and the teacher ratio in same year were 36: 1.

Neighboring Countries:

The countries that are very near to Liberia are:

  • Guinea
  • Sierra Leone
  • Cote d Ivoire

Geographical Settings:

The country covers the total area of 111,369 sq km. The country is located in West Africa and bordering the North Atlantic Ocean in the southwest country. The climate of the country is hot all through the year with having the very huge rainfall from the month of May to October with two- week break in the month of August.


Liberia gained its independence from the United States on 26th July 1847.

Great Persons in Country:

The great persons in country are:

  • Charles Taylor
  • Ellen Johnson Sir leaf

Total Population:

According to the census of the year 2008, the total population of the country is 3,489,072, which had placed the country at number 132 in population among 193 countries in world.

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Liberia Tourist Attractions:

  • Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
  • Liberian National Museum
  • Sapo National Park
  • Lake Piso
  • Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls
  • Liberia's Centennial Pavilion
  • Firestone Rubber Plantation
  • Gertylue Floral Park
  • Providence Island
  • The Kendeja Cultural Center