Liberia Maps

A country in West Africa, Liberia is officially known as the Republic of Liberia. It is surrounded by Sierra Leone in west, Guinea to the north, and Cote d’lvoire to the east. It is a large Sub-Saharan nation situated in West Africa. It is located at 4 degree and 9 degree north latitudes, and 7 degree and 12 degree west longitudes.

Liberia is spread over an area of 111,370 square kilometers of which 96,320 square kilometers is land and 15,050 square kilometers of water. The capital city of this country is Monrovia. English is the official language of Liberia.

Liberia Climate

Liberia experiences tropical climate with average temperature ranging from 21 degree Celsius.  From May to October it is wet, and dry from November to April. Though it rarely rains during the dry season, it can also sometimes be dry in the rainy season during July or August lasting for about two weeks.

Liberia Mountains

The highest peak in Liberia is Nimba Mountains with 1,380 meters. The second highest peak is Wologisi Mountain. Other smaller mountain ranges include Putu Range and Bong Range.

Liberia Rivers

The following Rivers flows through Liberia.

  • Mesurado River
  • Saint Paul River
  • Cavalla River
  • Cestos River
  • Lawa River
  • Lofa River
  • Mano River
  • Mesurado River
  • Mao River
  • Saint John River
  • Sinoe River

Liberia Flora

Liberia has about 235 species of trees of which 90 varieties are seen in marketable quantities including mahogany and ironwood. Cotton tree, the oil palm, and the kola tree are commonly seen in Liberia. The wild rubber tree is natural in this country, and an unusual variety of coffee. Fruit trees in Liberia include citrus varieties like the alligator apple, papaya, mango, and avocado. Cassava, cotton, cacao, indigo and upland rice are grown here.

Liberia Fauna

Two species of antelope are found in the interiors of Liberia of which the white-shouldered duiker and the zebra antelope are common to Liberia. Monkeys like the long-haired lemur and the Diana are found in the forests. Wild pigs, porcupines exist in the scant settled areas, and various other members of the leopard group are also found.

Liberia Pictures

liberia map
Map of Liberia