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Latvia is officially known as the Republic of Latvia. It is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Latvia is encircled by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russian Federation to the east, and Belarus to the southeast. It is spread over an area of 64,589 square kilometers. Latvia lies between 55 degrees and 58 degrees north latitudes, and, 21 degrees and 29 degrees east longitudes.

The capital city of Latvia is Riga, which is also the largest city in Latvia. This country hosts a population of 2.22 million people. The official language is Latvian. This country is made up of 59.5% of Latvians, 27.4% Russians, 3.5% Belarusians, 2.4% of Ukrainians, 2.3% of Poles, 1.3% of Lithuanians and 3.6% of others.

Latvia Climate

The climate in Latvia is humid, continental and temperate due to the maritime climate of the Baltic Sea. While summers are warm here, the climate and weather in spring and autumn is mild with extreme winters due to the northern location. Although down pour is common throughout the year, Latvia experiences the heaviest rainfall in the month of July. Cold breeze from the interiors of Russia dominates Latvia, and stern snowfalls are very common in this country.

Latvia Highest Peak

Gaizinkalns is the highest peak of Latvia standing tall at 1,024 feet. It is a peak near Madons, Madonas Rajons, Latvia.

Latvia Rivers

The Gauja is Latvia’s longest River attracting tourists for its 452 kilometers in length. This river flows through an ancient river valley that is at the centre of Gauja National Park.

Latvia Flora

Latvia has almost half of its soil as Podsolic Humus, which covers one-third of the cultivated land. Woodland trees cover 41% of the country’s territory with one and a half of the forests. These forests consist of pine, birch and firs.

Latvia Fauna

Latvia supports over 14,000 different species of animals. The natives of this country are wild boar, Eurasian beaver and brown bear.

Latvia Pictures

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Map of Latvia