Las Vegas

Las Vegas , more famous as "the city that never sleeps ". Undoubtedly, Las Vegas forms an eminent part of North America. Situated along the west coast of United Coast, Las Vegas sports for us a large variety of rich and stupendous casinos, hotels, restaurants and other things of attraction, which as per a survey does attracts 37 million tourists each year. Indeed the city has something for us all.

For visitors there are a wide variety of options available. On my first visit, to the place I was lucky to view some of the most exotic parts of Las Vegas. People do countdown starting from 10 to 1 for announcing the best things. However, I really can't let you all know, which is the best amongst them all.But of them my favourite ones are

  • Gold Nudget at The Golden Nudget
  • The Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio
  • The MGM Grand at Treasure Island
  • Watching the heart throbbing Celine Dion at the Caesar's place

My first thing which I had to consider while reaching the city, was to decide on a good hotel for stay. Not very surprising, but even off the Las Vegas Strip, there are 113 hotels and 38 large hotels to chose from. If cash is not the great problem, I suggest you to check out the hospitality at the Green Valley Ranch. Its such a magnificent hotels, with unbound services.

Ya, I do accept some of you might try to remind me the beauty of the Wynn Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Caesar's Palace and the like… but just wanna tell you, they are equally fabulous.

You know, I always had a great wish for playing casinos. And if the greatest fans of Casinos, have not been to this place, indeed they are missing out on a lifetime opportunity. Just one word for the casinos "Rocking". The great games, the fabulous atmosphere, the music, the beautiful girls, and then Cash all around is such a wonderful place to be in…of-course provided you have not lost hard on the counter…A few sorry faces are always there deep burried into their glass of wine.

Well coming to special places of interest, which made me like the city are :

  • The Bellagio Fountains
  • Eiffel Tower Replica at Paris Las Vegas
  • Volcanic Eruption at the Mirage Hotel
  • Treasure Island Battleship Show and so on

But Sky diving is a game at Las Vegas which one surely cannot afford to miss.

A beautiful and then frightening view of Sin City while falling free from 10,000 feet is something which only the brave hearts should try.

Many of us may not be accustomed to this, but skydiving is an art of shock and real great fun… Nightlife at Las Vegas is equally enjoyable. Nightclubs are real hot especially at place with wild parties like Coyote Ugly. They are one of the most happening places at night where dressing is discouraged more than encouraging women to dance on the bar floors and for people to drink lots of Alcohol.

As I said earlier, Las Vegas seems to have everything for every one of us. Undoubtedly, it's in a glorious location of America, with life beaming from every corner.