Las Vegas Attractions

Tourist attractions in Las Vegas, the so called "Betting Paradise" of Nevada State, U.S.A. are so many that just by the mention of the name, people all over the world will recognize this as a spinner of money. Millions of U.S. dollars change hands every night in the gambling dens of luxurious outfits, with all side attractions like musical feasts, dancing dais, cabaret and belly dancers and a flood of choice wine and beer running across many throats.

All the fan-fare start slowly around 8 p.m. in the night, reach the crescendo by midnight and subside only in the wee hours of the next day. People are gathering in millions every year at this place and spend their nights without sleep by taking part of the throbbing activities going around.

Even though Las Vegas attractions center around tourists from the world over who come here to enjoy their money's worth in gambles, sustaining the tourist flow through out the year necessitated other entertainment and recreations as well for the family attractions, kids' attractions and other cultural attractions in Las Vegas. Let's see them here one by one.

Free attractions

One of the popular and free attractions is The Fremont Street Experience, the street where decorative LED lights glare fantastically in the night through out. Just look up and you'll see the visual show and rhythmically move with the music overhead. To enjoy this free experience, you have to go to the downtown Las Vegas, preferably by a taxi, just few kilometers from the center of new hotel groupings.

The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park - where you can make a tour of the park to see the series of displays showing the early times of Las Vegas and the life of Mormon settlers.

Liberace Museum, where you can see the clothes, pianos and other memorabilia of the great Pianist and performer, Liberace, also known as Mr. Showmanship and also the Rolls Royce used by him, impeccably maintained even today.

Another must-see is Lisa Livingstone Gallery, where the works of art by local residents are on eye-catching display.

Strolling the famous" Strip" leisurely gives you pleasures to the eyes and ears by the scenes scattered on the right and left of this world famous street, the hub of activity in Las Vegas, for free.

Strip Attractions

The visitors from their respective hotel take complete rest on the day of arrival and start walking casually this renowned center pathway running from southeast to the northwest of Las Vegas Boulevard in the night. On your right and left are lined up the best entertainment centers of Las Vegas, luxurious five star hotels to roadside eateries with gambling dens, roulettes, machines and what not to attract even the budget minded tourist, live shows and beautifully illuminated sparkling neon sign boards. There are two shows every evening - dinner shows starting at 8 p.m. with floor shows and sumptuous dinners and cocktail shows starting at 11 p.m. with floor shows, light supper and cocktails of your choice. From Mandalay Bay Hotel to Treasure Island Hotel, the Strip runs through accommodating various hotels on the way, each with distinct attractions and decorations worth mentioning. But let's see a few of them most popular here:

  • The Bellagio Resort

- AAA 5 Star rated hotel - wide variety of attractions like Art Gallery; Botanical Gardens; Spa and Salon; finest restaurants. The dancing fountains in front of the hotel are best free attractions of Las Vegas.

  • Caesars Palace

- A massive complex hotel of 3349 rooms; containing everything from taking in a concert; exotic display of luxury cars; fabulous shopping centers and exceptional dining. Falls of Atlantis - a very popular free show.

  • Circus Circus Hotel

- a landmark of Las Vegas running daily circus-shows with clowns and trick-performing animals. It has 3700 rooms and the best steak house of 17 years experience.

  • The Hilton Hotel

- 3000 rooms and with every amenity a tourist can ask for and it was so famous by Elvis Presley playing for entertainment every night and his statue is monumentally there now.

Las Vegas today has everything to offer everybody - family attractions by going round the downtown and surrounding places of importance in Nevada attractions; kids' attractions by children's museum, mono-rails; theme parks, amusement parks and aquarium; cultural attractions by dance, opera and theaters of performing arts in downtown and so on. During festive seasons, especially on the Christmas Eve, Las Vegas wears a look of fantasy to entertain the flocking tourists from everywhere and the Christmas attractions in Las Vegas will be very unique in this world famous tourist center with all the fun and frolic one could imagine.