Kentucky Vacation Destinations

Kentucky Vacation Destinations

Kentucky is a state popular for many things like the mesmerizing blue grass that is scattered throughout the state like the bluegrass music, horses and horse racing, and the world famous baseball bats. In addition, Kentucky is also home to a great treasure of natural beauty, traditional history, and rich culture.

A vacation in Kentucky is the ideal choice in terms of scenic splendor, cultural immersion, historic prominence, and pure fun and amusement.

Music lovers will consider this place to be the perfect fit for a great vacation.

Renfro Valley (The Kentucky Music Hall of Fame)

Renfro Valley is most visited for the world famous “The Kentucky Music Hall of Fame”. This piece of Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum commemorates Kentucky performers, Publishers, songwriters, announcers, comedians and other music artists who have contributed significantly to the music industry in Kentucky and all over the world.

Shelbyville - Bufflalo Crossing Family Fun Ranch

If you are planning for a family vacation destination, you will be happy with the Buffalo Crossing Family Fun Ranch located in Shelbyville, Kentucky. This is the ideal get-a-way for the entire family. Kids can enjoy watching buffalo as well as over 100 other kinds of animals.

The animal exhibit displays exotic pets along with general ones for the petting zoo that is found here. There are goats, wallabies, camels, yaks, peacocks, donkeys, and miniature horses that are on site for watching here. The kids can experience the adventure of a pony ride or they can also enjoy themselves on the playground that has been a part of the ranch and is an entire acre of fun.

This is a 1000 acre ranch that nurtures buffalo and has diverse activities taking place throughout the year for family fun. Enjoy the soothing feeling of the country for a change and let the family experience the adventure and it will also be a learning experience. Don't forget to taste the buffalo meat at the local restaurant.

Other Attractions

There are other events as well apart from horse shoes, volleyball, and basketball. Fishing in the lake with a cane pole will be a memoir for life. The most thrilling and exciting aspect to the farm was the birth of a white buffalo in 2005. For the maximum fun with the family, you will certainly want to go for this 'back to basics' vacation destination. You might just get an opportunity to learn a thing or two for yourself.


As Kentucky's biggest city, Louisville is full of entertainment and cultural attractions that attract many tourists every year. Perhaps most popular for being the site of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is much more than just horses though. Whether you enjoy watching history, baseball, learning about new things or just roaming around an interesting city, Louisville is a fabulous place to go while on a vacation. People with small kids will also find plenty of things to keep themselves busy and occupied in this quintessential southern city.

Kentucky Derby

Attending the Kentucky Derby can be tough, as it is a once a year occasion and tickets are sold at a premium. Nevertheless, visitors are always welcome to see Churchill Downs, where the Derby is held. There is a nice museum here where one can get manifestations of all sorts of interesting facts and get to know the history about the popular sporting event. Apart from the exhibits in the museum, visitors can also visit the winner's circle and experience the feeling of being a winner in the Kentucky Derby. This destination is certainly great for the entire family, and is really a nice way to actually see what this town has to offer.

Attractions for Baseball Lovers

Baseball fans or people who just enjoy knowing and witnessing history in general - are the ideal spectators and visitors for this Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. This is where the worldwide famous baseball bats have been constructed for years, and there are a ton of distinct and entertaining displays to explore. One of the special features of the museum is that visitors are allowed to choose a Hall of Famer's bat and offer it a swing – which will not be allowed to do anywhere else. The factory travel is also mesmerizing - the whole manufacturing technique is manifested here, so that people can see everything that happen in making these baseball bats.

Louisville Zoo for Kids

If you are accompanied by small children - or if you are amongst those people who simply adore nature – then you will certainly receive a real kick out of the Louisville Zoo. In addition to displaying many of the animals conventionally in a zoological park, the zoo gives special attention to entertaining your young children. On a hot summer day, the water sprinkling park situated within the zoo is all time hit with kids of all ages. Availability of plenty of refreshment and dining options make enjoying an entire day here without repenting on the decision. One of the special features is the Gorilla Forest, a very intriguing gorilla manifestation located within the zoo.

For those who are more interested to wander around and feel a bit of the Kentucky topography, Iroquois Park is the ideal spot in Louisville to opt for. Miles of free and clean paths and a great range of scenery make this a refreshing experience in life in this big city. Pack up a picnic luggage and plan on making a day of it, if you would like to enjoy and get entertained in a more natural ambience during your vacation here. It would really be a great way to really experience the entire vacation in Louisville.