Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is an agency funded by the state and is responsible for building and maintaining US highways and Kentucky State Highways, as well as delineating other transportation related issues.

The Transportation Cabinet is headed by the Kentucky Secretary of Transportation, whose appointment is in the hands of the Governor of Kentucky.

Structure of the Body

The Transportation Cabinet is comprised of four operating departments, led by Commissioners, and ten assistant offices, headed by Executive Directors. Those units are again broken up into divisions headed by Directors.

What is Adopt-A-Highway

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has started the Adopt-A-Highway Program in 1988 to uplift environmental awareness and ward off littering. Now, more than 1,600 groups are taking part in Kentucky's program, cleaning almost 6,600 miles of passage annually.

In the past 12 years, Adopt-A-Highway has become an effective educational tool.  Contributing groups manifest the significance of a clean environment by disseminating the word and setting the example that littering must be discouraged.

The program enhances public environmental awareness, cut down littering, enhances tourism, generates a partnership between citizens, society and government, and builds a sense of pride in Bluegrass State.

The Yearly Statistics

Every year, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's highway employees spend almost 200,000 hours clearing litter from Kentucky's roadways, gathering over 96,000 bags of litter. The total yearly expense of litter removal is almost $4-5 million.

How You Can be a Part of This Program

You can also join Kentucky's Adopt-A-Highway Program if you are one of the Kentucky citizens! By taking personal accountability for any of your area’s roadways, you will be setting an example before your community. The environment is everyone's responsibility. Adopt-A-Highway offers the chance to be a part of the solution. As a volunteer, you can save thousands in tax payer dollars and manifest to others the necessity of a clean environment.

Who Can Participate

Any established association, community, business, or organization, or government body can take the liability of a stretch of highway. A varied range of groups throughout Kentucky now take part, including homemaker clubs, high school organizations, Rotary clubs, college fraternities and sororities, veterans, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, sports academies and Kiwanis clubs.

The Functioning  

Litter pickups are conducted at least four times every year or as many times as required to maintain the locality is reasonably litter free. The Cabinet conducts three annual clean-up efforts throughout the year. Groups are encouraged to finish and return an Adopt-A-Highway survey after completion of every cleanup.

Groups wishing to become members of the Adopt-A-Highway Program can contact the District Coordinator. Safety instructions are provided to volunteers and should be taken care before each cleanup.

Your Adopt-A-Highway coordinator will assist you to coordinate with your city’s Maintenance Crew Superintendent to get warning sign deployed on the occasion of your pickup.  Trash bags and safety vests can be acquired at each State Maintenance Facility, and litter removal is offered by the state highway crews.

Over 1,100 individuals and organizations have till now taken part in Kentucky’s Adopt-a-Highway program, which the cabinet had launched in 1988.


By picking up litter, the Adopt-a-Highway program enhances public environmental awareness and offers an easier promotion to tourism. The program also generates a partnership between citizens, society and government and also inculcates a sense of pride in Bluegrass State.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Organization


  • Deputy Secretary
    • Office of the Secretary
      • Office of Budget and Fiscal Management
      • Office of Audits
      • Office for Civil Rights and Small Business Development
      • Office of the Inspector General
      • Office of Human Resource Management
      • Office of Legal Services
      • Office of Support Services
      • Office of Public Affairs
      • Office of Information Technology
      • Office of Transportation Delivery
    • Department of Highways
      • Office of Project Development
      • Office of Project Delivery and Preservation
      • Office of Highway Safety
    • Department of Aviation
    • Department of Rural and Municipal Aid
      • Office of Local Programs
      • Office of Rural and Secondary Roads
    • Department of Vehicle Regulation

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Inside the Department

  • Driver Licensing
  • Motor Carriers
  • Motor Vehicle Licensing & Titling
  • One Stop Shop