Kentucky Tourist Attractions

Kentucky Tourist Attractions

Kentucky is a state of east-central United States. It is also known as “Bluegrass State” which is based on the fact that bluegrass is in abundance in many of the pastures all over the state due to fertile soil that makes possible the breeding and nurturing of racing horses and high quality livestock. Let’s talk about the most happening and eventful city of Kentucky – Louisville!

Attractions of Louisville

Louisville is the largest cities of Kentucky, and is replete of entertainment and cultural attractions that draws several tourists every year. Mostly known for being the location of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is much more than simply horses. Whether you enjoy baseball, learning about new things or just having a stroll around this interesting city, Louisville is a great site to visit on a tour. Families with small kids will also find several attractions to keep themselves busy in this quintessential southern city.

Kentucky Derby

Attending the Kentucky Derby can be tough, as this event happens once a year, tickets are sold at a premium. Nevertheless, tourists are always welcome to see Churchill Downs, where the Derby is organized. There is a big museum here where you can learn all types of interesting incidents and history of famous sporting event. Apart from the exhibits in the museum, tourists can also go down onto the winner's circle and experience how it must feel to enjoy the glory of winning the Kentucky Derby. This event is certainly awesome for the entire family, and is a unique way to enjoy and see this town from the close quarters.

Attractions for Baseball Players

Baseball fans and individuals who are keen about knowing the history are suggested to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Here well-known baseball bats have been produced for years, and there are myriads of specific and entertaining displays to enjoy and explore. One of the specialties of the museum is that visitors are permitted to select a Hall of Famer's bat and give it a swing. You will not find anywhere else on the planet a privilege like this. The factory tour is also fantastic - the entire manufacturing procedure is demonstrated here, so that everyone can witness everything that is required and the process of manufacturing of these baseball bats is also shown.

The Louisville Slugger Museum

The Louisville Slugger Museum is completely distinct from surrounding building structures due to the 120 ft. tall baseball bat which is leaning against it. This 34 ton bat was erected in 1995 which is made of hollow carbon steel, triggering the wooden bat used by Babe Ruth in the early 1920s which was 34 inches long.

The handle of the World's Largest Bat reaches above the five-story brick edifice of the Slugger Museum.
This museum is dedicated to the tale of baseball and the expertise of hitting that includes a brief film, interactive demonstrations, a replica dugout, and baseball memorabilia. The tour enables visitors to watch Hillerich & Bradsby bats and golf clubs in manufacturing (golf clubs were first established in 1916 in a Louisville factory).

Louisville Zoo

If you are traveling with small kids or if you are amongst those people who just love nature, would find Louisville Zoo a natural spot that is hard to miss out. In addition to displaying many of the animals conventionally showcased in a zoological park, the zoo management is more attentive to entertaining small children. The water splash area located within the zoo is all time hit with kids of all ages specifically on a hot summer day. Plenty of refreshments are available and plethora of dining options enables spending a whole day here. One of the attractions is the Gorilla Forest, a very encouraging and intriguing gorilla exhibit located within the zoo.

Iroquois Park

If you just like to hang around and want to have a closure experience of a bit of the Kentucky topography, Iroquois Park is the ideal spot in Louisville to turn to. Miles of green paths and a wide span of scenery make this a refreshing change to enjoy and feel in this big town. You can pack up a picnic lunch and plan on making a day of it, if you wish to relax and entertain in a more natural ambient during your vacation here. There's no doubt that this is one of the great ways to really take a round of the entire experience of vacationing in Louisville – the heat of Kentucky.
These are a few of the attractions, apart from many more, that would keep you engaged and refreshed if you are planning a vacation to the most happening and hot tourist spots of Kentucky – Louisville.