Kentucky Tourism Places

Kentucky Tourism Places

Kentucky is located in the East Central United State of America with number of tourists visiting every year to this “Bluegrass State”. Let’s see what the attractions are of Kentucky which fascinates tourists!

Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls is in the western of Corbin, Kentucky and is the biggest cascade on the Cumberland River. Also termed as the "Niagara of the South," the roaring waters of Cumberland Falls are 65 feet high and 125 feet wide. When the Cumberland River is at flood phase the width of the falls can dramatically expand to 300 feet. The view is awesome during the day but is genuinely special at night.

Cumberland Falls Location Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, McCreary County & Whitley County, Kentucky, USA
Cumberland Falls Coordinates 36.83801°N 84.34444°W
Cumberland Falls Type Block
Cumberland Falls Total height 68 ft (21 m)
Cumberland Falls Number of drops 1
Cumberland Falls Watercourse Cumberland River

On clear, moonlit evenings a moon-bow appears over the river from within the cascades. This is the only spot in the Western Hemisphere where this magical happening takes place and is believed to be identical to Victoria Falls in Africa. This truly fascinating sight appears only for two days prior and two days after the full moon night. This month and the next month the dates are 16th to the 20th.

Most visitors will witness the bow of moon from the viewing platforms erupted at the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Visitor Center. But adventurous canine hikers will definitely wish to visit the other side of the river where Trail 9 offers some of the mesmerizing views of the falls. At 1.5 miles, this natural trail appears to be benign enough but if you complete the entire Trail 9 your dog will realize he has had a workout.

About a half-mile away from the trailhead you can grab a view of the Cumberland Gorge below the falls. Next comes, a projection level that drops all the way to the river level and takes its way over the rocks to Eagles Fall, a great hydrospectacular in its own way that falls from a side stream and vanishes into the Cumberland. The upper trail follows Eagle Creek upstream to a crest as the hike gets very furrowed in a spectacular forest. The loop ceases prior to reaching Cumberland Falls hence your dog will get one final look prior to a well-earned come back to your car.

Restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky

Although Louisville is a small city, it welcomes many visitors especially for the Kentucky Derby and the nearby restaurants which support those tourists. There are number of excellent restaurants. It also gets visitors those that are baseball lovers and want to see the Louisville Slugger museum and factory or to see their minor league baseball team, The Bats. The reason may be many, people like to see Louisville and they are equally astonished by the awesome dining they witness and experience there.

The Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe's is considered as one of the ideal and most popular places to dine in Louisville. This cozy little bistro is run and operated by a couple team and they are also famous for their fabulous homemade breads that they prepare in wood burning ovens regularly. The smells of fresh bread will engulf you as soon as you enter the spot. It is the ideal place to go for breakfast, lunch or Saturday brunch and it serves a variety of nice sandwiches and other combinations of delicacies facilitating their fresh baked pieces.

The Irish Rover is also equally popular place to visit in Louisville. It is run and owned by a very friendly and outgoing person from Ireland who transformed this earlier saloon space into a great Irish restaurant and pub. It serves several dishes that are found in Ireland like smoked salmon and potato gratin, mash and banger, chips and fish, cottage pie, and Guinness beef stew. It has a relaxed and fun ambience that is great for those looking for a pint to drink or families coupled with children desiring a great authentic European food.

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky - World's Longest Cave

Mammoth Cave National Park is also a very popular spot to roam around and have fun. The resort has a great workout room and Jacuzzi, which are really good to experience.

Mammoth Cave Location Edmonson, Hart, and Barren counties, Kentucky, USA
Mammoth Cave Nearest City BrownsvilleNearest city: Brownsville
Mammoth Cave Coordinates 37°11′0″N 86°6′0″W
Mammoth Cave Area 52,835 acres (21,382 ha)
Mammoth Cave Established July 1, 1941 Established: July 1, 1941
Mammoth Cave Visitors 503,856 (in 2009)
Mammoth Cave Governing Body National Park Service

Mammoth Cave is the largest cave in the world. More than 300 miles on five phases, which have been explored and found so far. The cave is still alive on the lowest phase where the Green River and its tributaries erode away the limestone still now. The cave maintains 54 degrees as a constant temperature. On the tour you can also see the mining operation from 1812 with the wood and artifacts still kept intact (no decaying in the cave). You can also see Tuberculosis Huts, which was the result of an experiment conducted by Dr John Croghan in the 1840s, where the patients survived for up to six months inside the cave.

The guides may often turn off all the lights for few minutes to offer the visitor the experience of total darkness. All of these sights were on phase two of the cave. You can also pay the guides to write your names on the ceiling facilitating the smoke from candles. The same names are often repeated several times. It appears that the caves had several returning visitors. Along the passageway are monuments or cairns of stones arranged on top of each other. These too were placed for the tourists who visited here.