Kansas Tourist Attractions

Kansas Tourist Attractions

Box Lazy Retreat

  • One of the main things that make Box Lazy a unique and interesting place to visit is that it is essentially a ranch. Located in the Axtell area of Kansas, this place is a must visit for people wanting to experiment with a different sort of lifestyle.

  • One can choose to laze around and enjoy their day in peace or can indulge in some fun filled activities which might bring a bit of variety in their lives and a break from the daily routine. The surrounding woods are a great place to go bird watching or hiking.

  • For the people who do not want to over exert themselves one can select the shore surrounding the Spring Creek Pond and spend their time fishing. It is a great spot for people who enjoy fishing as a sport or an activity to spend some idle time.

  • Kayaking is also an option if one is not averse to getting wet. Under controlled conditions this can be very exciting! A visit to a ranch is incomplete unless there is some horseback riding involved. A hundred and sixty acres is enough for anyone to explore and observe what nature has to offer.

  • The ranch is accessible anytime of the year and is open to visitors both during winter and fall. This is because a lot of hunting enthusiasts come here every year to enjoy the thrill. One can be rest assured about the quality offered, as this place is family owned and you are treated like a part of it too.

Combat Air Museum

  • One of the main attractions in the state of Kansas is situated near the area called Topeka. It is the Combat Air Museum built at Forbes Field. Absolutely anyone with the interest in aircrafts will enjoy themselves at this museum.

  •  It not only has amazing exhibits for the “average Joe” who has no idea about planes but they also provide specific information for the aficionados. All of it is centered on the history of United States Air Force (USAF). Some of the exhibits involve the engines or the make of the fighter planes used by USAF many years ago.

  • One can also observe the escape capsule which is essentially made for an F-111. Some of the famous aircrafts displayed at the museum are the Sea Stallion, the Skynight as well as one of the planes belonging to the group called Blue Angels.

  • The section in which most of the artwork regarding the planes etc is kept also makes for an interesting visit.

Cedar Bluff State Park

  • The Cedar Bluff State Park is located in the area called Ogallah and is a perfect example of a scenic, huge reservoir park. The sheer size of this park is overwhelming as it is spread across 9,000 acres.

  • Moreover, the beauty of the park remains preserved as the park does not get a lot of visitors. The main attractions in the park are the hundred feet tall limestone rocks and bluffs which are located in the southern area of the park. 

  • To get up close, one has to hike till the bluffs to get a closer view but it is not recommended as sometimes the rock can give away. One can haul up their camping equipment or choose one of the cabins situated in the northern part of the park.

  •  Regardless of the choice one can enjoy camping along with activities such as BMX riding, swimming etc. It can prove to be a perfect getaway from the urban life or concrete jungle. For people who want to indulge in sports there are facilities wherein one can enjoy playing a game of basketball, volleyball etc.

Cedar Bluff State Park Contact information

Cedar Bluff State Park
RR2, Box 76A
Ellis, KS 67637
785-726-3212 (Area Office)
785-628-8614 (Regional Offices)

The state of Kansas thus offers a variety of places to choose from for a tourist. Most of the places are suitable for people visiting with families in town or even for that lone tourist trying to find some solace.

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