Kansas Law and Government


Kansas Law and Government

  • The state of Kansas came into existence on January 29th, 1861 and was 34th on the list of states that joined the United States of America after a ratification by the then President of United States of America - James Buchanan. Topeka became   its capital city.

  • The state legislature of the state of Kansas is a bicameral legislature that comprises of Lower Kansas House of Representatives and the Upper Kansas Senate. The Lower Kansas House of Representatives has representatives that sum up to 125 members. The Upper Kansas Senate has senators which has 40 members.

  • Over the years, the Republican party of the United States of America has continued to dominate both the houses of the state of Kansas as they have a huge majority and support from people in both the houses.

  • The senators serve for a term of 4 years and have no restrictions or limitations on the number of terms they can serve. The Kansas Senate holds its sessions in the city of Topeka at Kansas State Capitol. The Republican Party dominates the sessions as it has the majority of its party members in the Senate. At times of national or financial emergency, the Governor of the state of Kansas can call for emergency sessions.

  • 125 members are elected from various districts to form the Lower Kansas House of Representatives which has its regular sessions at Kansas State Capitol located in city of Topeka. These members get elected for a term that lasts for 2 years and just like the Kansas Senate, The Lower Kansas House of Representatives have no restrictions or limitations on their terms. Like the Kansas Senate, the Republican Party has a majority in the Lower Kansas House of Representatives of the state of Kansas.

  • Currently, the Senators elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of Kansas are Senator Sam Brownback and Senator Pat Roberts belonging to the Republican Party. Some of the Representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives, which is the lower house of United States of America, from the state of Kansas are Jerry Moran, Lynn Jenkins, Dennis Moore, and Todd Tiahrt.

  • Kathleen Sebelius, a former senator from the state of Kansas resigned from her position as the President of the country selected her to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services and become a member of his cabinet. Mark Parkinson became the Governor of the state of Kansas after she resigned. Kathleen Sebelius is the   second lady to hold the position of the Governor of Kansas.

  • The Kansas Supreme court is located in city of Topeka and is the court with the maximum authority in the legal matters and judicial matters. There are total of 7 justices, including one Chief Justice. The current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Chief Justice Lawton Nuss. The judges hold the court proceedings for a term of 6 years after which new judges take their place.

  • The appointment for the post of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is done when the post of the Chief Justice falls vacant and theappointment is done by the Governor of Kansas after a long draw out process.

  • Other than Chief Justice Lawton Nuss there are 5 other Justices in the Kansas Supreme Court, namely Justice Marla J. Luckert, Justice Carol A. Beier, Justice Eric S. Rosen, Justice Lee A. Johnson and Justice Dan Biles.

  • The House of Representatives and the Senate of the United State of America had passed the 18th amendment which put a ban on liquor; the state of Kansas was the first state to adopt this amendment and to ban liquor across the state.

Kansas State Symbols


State Symbols
  • Amphibian: Barred Tiger Salamander
  • Animal: Buffalo
  • Fish: Channel Catfish
  • Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • Flower: Sunflower
  • Insect: European honey bee
  • Motto: Ad astra per aspera, or "To the stars through difficulties"
  • Reptile: Ornate Box Turtle
  • Soil: Harney silt loam
  • Song: "Home on the Range"
  • Tree: cottonwood
  • Seal: Symbols of Commerce (river, steamboat) and agriculture (farmer plowing) Adopted 1861


Politics and Government of Kansas


United States Constitution

  • Kansas Constitution


  • Government
  • Governor: Mark Parkinson
    • Lieutenant Governor: Troy Findley
    • Secretary of State: Chris Biggs
    • Attorney General: Stephen Six
    • State Treasurer: Dennis McKinney
    • Insurance Commissioner: Sandy Praeger
    • Corporation Commission
    • State Cabinet


  • Legislature: Kansas Legislature
    • Senate
      • President of the Senate: Stephen Morris
    • House of Representatives
      • Speaker of the House: Mike O'Neal


  • Courts of Kansas
    • Supreme Court
    • Court of Appeals
    • Court of Impeachment

Kansas Political Parties

  • Political parties
    • Democratic Party
    • Republican Party
    • Political party strength


  • Counties
  • Cities and Towns

Federal Relations

  • Federal representation
    • Senate
      • Sam Brownback (R)
      • Pat Roberts (R)
    • House of Representatives
      • 1: Jerry Moran (R)
      • 2: Lynn Jenkins (R)
      • 3: Dennis Moore (D)
      • 4: Todd Tiahrt (R)
  • Politics of the United States