Kansas Culture


Kansas Culture

  • The Culture of Kansas is distinct and differs greatly from the rest of the states of the United States of America. Christianity is considered the main religion here as it is followed by a majority of the people. Statistically speaking, around 87% of the population follows Christianity.

  • Among the Christians, there are subgroups which follow a different branch of Christianity such as Protestants, Roman Catholics, Baptist, and United Methodist etc. These are some of the few sects in the state of Kansas of which about 52% of the population are followers of Protestant Christianity, around 30% of the people areRoman Catholics, the Baptists form a chunk of 22% of the population and the United Methodists account for 16% of the total population.

  • Roughly about 9.5% of the population in the State of Kansas are atheists and do not follow any religion. Other than Christianity there are people who follow Islam whilst some are Jewish and they form just about 2% to 4% of the total population of the state of Kansas.

  • Like any other state in the United States of America the state of Kansas has its share of migrant population and foreign immigrant population. Over the years, people from outside the state of Kansas have come and settled here and now call it their home.

  • The foreign immigrant population includes people who have migrated from different countries such as Sweden, German, France, Ireland, Poland, and Italy while the others been known to have migrated from the Asian continent. This diversity in ethnic composition has enhanced the Culture of Kansas and also helped to develop its rich heritage.

  • The state of Kansas is known to be the first slave Free State in United States of America because of which many of the African Americans began to settle in this state. This has been possible because of the tolerance and open mindedness of the people of the state of Kansas and also due to the all inclusive nature of the culture of Kansas.

  • The state of Kansas, due to the varied diversity in its ethnic and cultural composition of population, has a vast range of languages spoken by the people of the state. English tops the list for being the only language used by the majority of the population. Approximately around 92% of the people speak in English at home and in public.

  • Spanish is used by around 5% of the population at home and near their locality. Other than that people also speak German, French, Chinese and Arabic. This has helped the Culture of Kansas grow and mature because of such wide range of languages spoken.

  • On the lines of other states in The United States of America, the state of Kansas also has its share of festivals celebrated by the people. Among the various festivals in the state of Kansas “The Kansas City Renaissance Festival” is one of the most important festivals organized to raise funds for the Kansas City Art Institute. It began in the year 1977 and continues to be held annually for seven weekends at Bonner Springs.

  • The people of the state of Kansas show great enthusiasm in music and celebrate it by organizing Music Festivals and Musical Concerts. Among the many Music Festivals held in the state of Kansas the Country Stampede Music Festival is very significant. The festival began in the year 1996 and is held towards the end of June. It continues to be an annual celebration even today.

  • More than 200,000 music enthusiasts attend this festival to celebrate Country music and Classic rock music genres where many famous singers and performers are present. Some of the Singers who performed here were Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and Luke Bryan. This festival previously lasted for two days but due to its increasing popularity it has now been extended up to 4days.

Miss Kansas USA


  • Winners: Kelli McCarty (1991)
  • 1st runners-up: Danielle Boatwright (1996), Lindsay Douglas (2002)
  • 2nd runners-up: Tavia Shackles (1993), Cara Gorges (2007)
  • 3rd runners-up: Tiffany Meyer (2000)
  • 4th runners-up: Kimberlee Girrens (1992)
  • Top 12: Brenda Kopmeyer (1973), Carol Hovenkamp (1994)
  • Top 15: Bethany Gerber (2010)


  • Best State Costume: Tavia Shackles (1993)
  • Most Beautiful Eyes: Tavia Shackles (1993)
  • Best in Swimsuit: Danielle Boatwright (1996)

Title Holders


Year Name Hometown Age Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA
2010 Bethany Anne Gerber Winfield 21 Top 15  
2009 Courtney Courter Olathe 23    
2008 Michelle Gillespie Mission Hills 22    
2007 Cara Gorges Clearwater 19 2nd runner-up  
2006 Ashley Aull Lansing 20    
2005 Rachel Saunders Tonganoxie 21    
2004 Lisa Forbes Overland Park 22    
2003 Alicia Cabrera Leawood 23    
2002 Lindsay Douglas Lawrence 23 1st Runner-up  
2001 Kristie Knox Hutchinson 25    
2000 Tiffany Meyer Lawrence 23 3rd Runner-up  
1999 Amanda Carraway Manhattan 21    
1998 Cammie Morisseau        
1997 Kathryn Taylor Overland Park 24    
1996 Danielle Boatwright Tonganoxie 20 1st Runner-up Best in Swimsuit
1995 Deborah Daulton Salina      
1994 Carol Hovenkamp     Semi-finalist  
1993 Tavia Shackles Shawnee   2nd Runner-up Best State Costume & Most Beautiful Eyes Award
1992 Kimberlee Girrens Wichita   4th Runner-up  
1991 Kelli McCarty Liberal   Winner  
1990 Rebecca Porter        
1989 Nancy Burris        
1988 Cynthia Decker        
1987 Martina Castle Overland Park      
1986 Audra Ockerman Wichita      
1985 Jill Denzin Leawood      
1984 Elizabeth Johnson Prairie View      
1983 Renee Ruch Mission      
1982 Stefani Larson Overland Park      
1981 Missy Kaser Wichita      
1980 Lisa Boyd Wichita      
1979 Linda Shields Lawrence      
1978 Mary Bell Wichita      
1977 Sherry Brane Wichita      
1976 Deborah Vitera        
1975 Robbin Loomas Overland Park      
1974 Lorraine Breckenridge        
1973 Brenda Kopmeyer     Semi-finalist  
1972 Mona Guesnier        
1971 Nancy Bishop        
1970 Norma Decker Tecumseh      
1969 Molly McGugin        
1968 Anne Layton        
1967 Regina Wolfe        
1966 Pat Ravenscroft        
1965 Linda Bergsten        
1964 Barbara Ford        
1963 Diane Stoker        
1962 Linda Light        
1961 Dixie Cook        
1960 Peggy Patterson        
1955-59 No Representative        
1954 Sue Ravencroft        
1953 No Representative        
1952 Betty Renick