Kahului Travel


Maui is in the island of Hawaiian and Kahului is one of the largest towns in Maui. It is situated in the northern shore of the Maui. Maui's airport is situated in Kahului and it is the seat of a harbor, shopping arenas and industrial areas. The total population of Kahului is 20,146 people and is the main residential area of the residents ofMaui

Some of the places worth visiting are the Queen Kaahumanu Center which has departmental stores and popular restaurants like the Koho. Other than this the Ichiban situated in the shopping center called Kahului, the famous restaurant called Matsu etc are all worth visiting.

Kahului has many historic places like the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanaha Beach County Park and the Maui Arts, Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum, Cultural Center and Kanaha Beach County Park and the Maui Arts

Kanaha Beach Park

Situated in the coastal stretch between Kahului Bay and Spreckelsville Beach the Kahului beach park

Situated in a vast 40 square acre area the sandy beaches and the surrounding trees are natural marvels worth the trip. Lifeguards are on duty to safeguard people while swim and play on the beach. All facilities like the public restrooms, parking lots, telephones and emergency services are all available in this beach park.

Alexander and Baldwin sugar Museum

This historic museum is just few minutes away from the main airport of Kahului. It is the standing history of Maui's most important and influential periods. It is located next to the largest sugar factory still very much in working condition of Hawaii. The Alexander and Baldwin museum is an award winning museum, which shows cases the history behind the sugar mills there. It is located in a 1,800 square foot area and clearly outlines the working and the influence of the sugar mill on the Maui's water resources.

This museum has six exhibit rooms like the geography room, water room, human resources room, mill room, plantation room, field work room etc. it also has a number of outdoor exhibits, which are generally the equipments used in the sugar plantation. The family treasures room is filled with the images, art pieces and documents revealing the stories and tradition behind these mills.