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Jordan is officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is a kingdom on the East Bank of the River Jordan. This country is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the east and southeast, Iraq to the northeast, Syria to the north, and West Bank and Israel to the west. Jordan is a small country situated at the intersection of the Levantine and Arabian areas of the Middle East.

Jordan is spread over an area of 96,188 square kilometers including the Dead Sea which makes this country similar in size to Austria or Portugal. It is a landlocked country except in the south wherein a shoreline of 26 kilometers provides access to the Red Sea.

The capital city of Jordan is Amman. The official language is Arabic, while English, French, Circassian, Jordanian, Levantine, Chechen and Turkish are also spoken. As per July 2010 estimate, Jordan is host to a population of 6,407,085 people. This country consists of 0.8% of earth’s water. Jordan lies between 29 degree and 34 degree north latitudes, and 35 degree and 40 degree east longitudes.

Jordan Climate

Jordan has semi-dry climate in summer with an average temperature of 30 degree Celsius. It is relatively cold in winter with an average temperature of 13 degree Celsius. The western part of the country experiences down pour during the winter season from November to March. The capital city of Jordan, Amman, and the Western Heights receives snowfall from November to March.

From November to March, it is humid with semi-dry weather for the rest of the year. The country has a Mediterranean-style climate with hot and dry summers, cool winter and rainfall.

Jordan Highest Peak

Jabal Umm al Dami is the highest point of Jordan, standing tall at 1,854 meters above sea level with a topping of snow. The lowest point of this country is the Dead Sea with -420 meters.

Jordan Flora

With less than 1% of the land forested the vegetation of Jordan ranges from semitropical flora in the Jordan valley and other regions to drought resistant bushes in the desert. The plant species like Cedar, Cactus, Eucalyptus and Pine can also be recognized.

Jordan Fauna

Jordan is home to bears, zebras, lions, elephants and rhinos. Mongoose, lynx, striped hyenas, gazelles and various foxes and wolves can also be seen around. This country is also home to more than 400 species of birds including pelicans, cormorants, petrels, herons, storks and various other rare species. The wild fauna of Jordan consists of jackal, hyena, fox, wildcat, gazelle, ibex, antelope, and rabbit; the vulture, sand grouse, skylark, partridge, quail, woodcock, goldfinch, viper, diced water snake, and the Syrian black snake.

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