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The state of Israel is located in Western Asia, situated on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan and West Bank in the east, Egypt and the Gaza Strip on the southwest. As per the 2011 estimate, the population of Israel is 7,746,000. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel.

Mediterranean Sea is located to the west of Israel possessing a coastline of 273 kilometers. This state also has a small coastline on the Red Sea in the south. The official language of Israel is Hebrew and Arabic. This state is spread over an area of 20,770 square kilometers and lies between the latitudes 29 degree and 34 degree north latitudes; and 34 degree and 36 degree east longitudes.

Israel Climate

Israel experiences variations in temperature especially during winter. It can be windy, cold and sometimes snowy in the mountain regions. From May to September, down pour in Israel is rare. It has scarce water resources; however, it has developed various water-saving technologies. With the high amount of sunlight available here, Israel makes use of this for solar energy which makes it the leading nation in solar energy.

Israel Rivers

The most famous and longest River in Israel is the 320 kilometer long River Jordan.

Israel Lakes

The most notable and freshwater lake in Israel is the Sea of Galilee. It is 23 kilometers long from north to south with a width of 13 kilometers in the north. This lake is 46 meters below the sea level and covers an area of 166 square kilometers.

Israel Highest Peaks

Below are the highest peaks of Israel;

  • Mount Hermon- 7,336 ft
  • Mount Meron-3,964 ft
  • Mount Ramon-3,396 ft
  • Mount of Olives- 2,739 ft
  • Mount Tabor- 1,930 ft
  • Mount Carmel- 1,792 ft
  • Dead Sea- -1,368 ft

Israel Flora

Bananas, oranges and other citrus fruits are found in a large number in Israel. The Deciduous fruit trees grow particularly well in the cool hills. Dates, avocados, guava and mango grow in the hot Jordan valley. Natural woodlands of calliprinos oaks blanket the upper Galilee, Mount Carmel and other hill regions.

Israel Fauna

Hippopotamus, rhinoceros, warthog, striped hyena and various species of gazelle are found in Israel joined by wild horses, wild asses, wolves and badgers from the western and central Asia. Various birds, reptiles and amphibians can also be seen in Israel.

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