Islands in Colorado

Colorado Islands

Colorado has a few Islands located in the midst of the large Colorado River that flows through this state. Some of the Islands in Colorado are listed below:

Deer Island, Maine

The Island is situated on the lake Granby surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The island is accessible during all seasons, but the best time to visit is summer months between July and August. Some of the outdoor activities that attract the visitors to this island are – Sailing, kayaking, cruising, fishing for lobsters and golfing. One can view the ocean from the island and also spot whales if lucky. Another big attraction of this island is the Acadia national park where one can go hiking and spot many wild bird and moose. Winter sports are available during winter, but subject to the moods of the ocean.

Elephant Island

Located in the Grand county region of Colorado, this island is best known for its forest lodges and resorts. The island is dotted with ranches and surrounded by Snow Mountains. The island offers many recreational activities including horse rides, camping and winter sports.

Fishhook Island

Situated off the Frisco bay, this island is close to many coves such as the Pine cove; many campground s surround the area. Hills, mountains and creeks surround the island and make it more scenic than any other location. However, due to its remoteness, it is one of the least visited islands in this area.

Gull Island

Situated on the lake Granby, this island is quite large and is surrounded by dams and reservoirs.  The base of the Rocky Mountains provides the perfect spots for trails and hikes and camp grounds in addition to picnic areas and ranches.

Rainbow Island

Located in the Grand County, this is one of the best islands in Colorado for bird watching.

There are other islands such as the Rainbow Island, Scout Island, Harvey Island, Shelter Island, Silver Dollar Island and the Hadfield Island. These are also located in various parts of the Grand County and are known for their scenic beauty and summer holidays. But most of these places have very few hotels and resorts and hence bookings have to be made in advance to avoid disappointment.  They are close to the Rocky Mountains and hence offer innumerable adventure options such as hiking and camping. Fishing for trout and cruises are the most common modes of recreation in these islands. The islands are bound by the mercy of the waters that surround them and hence one has to be well aware of the weather conditions before planning for trip.