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Iraq is officially known as the Republic of Iraq. It is a country located in Western Asia in the expanse of the northwestern end of the Zagros mountain range, the northern part of the Arabian Desert and the eastern part of the Syrian Desert.

Iraq is encircled by Jordan to the west, Syria to the northwest, Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to the south. This country has a narrow coastline of 58 kilometers on the northern Persian Gulf. The capital city of Iraq is Baghdad.

The official language of Iraq is Arabic and Kurdish. This country is spread over an area of 438,317 square kilometers hosting a population of 34,322,000 people as per the 2011 estimate.

Iraq Climate

The average temperature of Iraq ranges more than 48 degree Celsius in July and August and forming ice in January. This country experiences rainfall from December to April recording 100 to 180 millimeters annually. The mountain regions of Iraq also receive good rainfall than the central or southern desert region.

The winter months, mostly December to March has roughly 90% of rainfall besides the down pour between November and April. The remaining months are usually the hottest and driest.

Iraq Highest Peaks

Some of the highest peaks in Iraq are;

  • Hasār-i Rōst (3608 m.)
  • Sar-e Bardarash (3359 m.)
  • Chiyā-i Dōlarash (3298 m.)
  • Sar-e Sāveh (3175 m.)
  • Sar-e Benebardī (3115 m.)
  • Kūh-e Boz Marg Sir (3001 m.)
  • Māmarūt (2903 m.)
  • Chiyā-i Mīsalōk (2901 m.)
  • Barbazīn Rowst (2894 m.)
  • Qoch-ī Birimīshka (2890 m.)
  • Shīv-e Sīvīl (2843 m.)
  • Qowch-e Kārgozīn (2820 m.)
  • Awdalkēwī (2803 m.)
  • Ranīyapīra (2794 m.)
  • Chiyā-i Kunakōtir (2763 m.)
  • Bar Qibla (2692 m.)

Iraq Rivers

There are two major Rivers in Iraq, namely, Tigris, and Euphrates. Flowing from the northwest to southeast, these Rivers run through the center of Iraq. These Rivers enable Iraq in agriculture and juxtapose with the steppe and desert landscape that covers a large part of Western Asia.

Iraq Deserts

Iraq has two deserts, the Syrian Desert and the Arabian Desert.

Iraq Flora

Papyrus, lotus and tall reeds form thick underbrush in the alluvial plains of lower regions of the Euphrates and Tigris. Alder trees are found in a large number in Iraq. Licorice bush located on the upper and middle Euphrates yields a juice that is used for commercial purposes. Valonia oak is grown in the higher Zagros Mountains. Its bark is used to tan leather.

Iraq Fauna

Hyena, jackal, fox, gazelle, antelope, jerboa, mole, porcupine, desert hare and bat are the wild animals found in Iraq. While Falcons are found hunting in Iraq, Vultures, owls and ravens reside near the Euphrates.

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