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Iowa State Fair

  • The state of Iowa holds a lot of beautiful attractions for tourists. This state, known as the Heartland of America, also has a lot to offer to the people who yearn for a unique tourist experience.

  • Iowa is mostly agrarian and a lot of livestock processing plants are based in Iowa. Thus agricultural tourism forms an important branch of Iowa’s tourism industry. The Iowa State Fair rightfully holds a lot of attraction for the regular tourist as it is listed as one of the historic places in the National Register.

  • A person can be a witness to birth processes and upkeep of farm animals at the Animal Learning Center. The Agriculture Building is also a site to be visited to deftly understand the sheer agricultural expansion in the state of Iowa.

  • Many a livestock shows are held in order to display some of the finest examples of farm animals at the Livestock Pavilion. One can also indulge in many culinary delights at the State Fair like freshly made ice cream. In this case, people can actually observe the entire process of making ice cream, from start to finish, for themselves.

  • Other attractions at the Fair include the Super Bull, which many a times weighs an astonishing 2,000 lbs or more. The enormous variety of pedigree livestock coupled with other kinds of animals make this fair a memorable one. Visiting one of the five free stages and watching a show is also a good idea when one finds himself at the fair.

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Living History Farms and Walnut Hill

  • Living History Farms attract a lot of tourists primarily due to the authenticity of the place. It is standing, real life homage (with real crops and livestock) to the agricultural history of America.

  •  At this venue, one can walk through three farms and learn about the agrarian practices of the old days. Another place to visit is the ancient town of Walnut Hill. This place has been preserved in nearly the exact same manner as the towns in 1875.

  • Any visitor could easily be transported to a different era after gazing at some of the constructions of old Victorian houses like the Flynn Country Home. This home, incidentally, finds itself listed on the register of National Historic Places.

RVP 1875

  • The RVP 1875 also offers an interesting glimpse to the craftsmanship of the people in Iowa. It is a partial museum though the building itself is still used to build woodwork like furniture etc.

  •  The thing that sets this place apart from other woodwork places is that this place only uses the tools and techniques of the 18th century. Thus one can observe certain pieces of woodwork which are nothing short of art though made without any sort of modern technological application whatsoever. Any person can also participate in this activity and construct pieces of woodwork by themselves.

Carson Art Gallery

  • Carson Art Gallery is a must visit to all the art aficionados as most of the work seen here will lend a different perception to art. This is because; one can observe a lot of simple farm life influence on most of the art work.

  • One might find an occasional print of a tractor or a barn or maybe a painting of a farm etc. It is one of the few Art Galleries in America to represent the farm life through art.

The Farm House Bed and Breakfast

  • The Farm House Bed and Breakfast is the place for the adventurous tourists. This is because one can indulge in a lot of farm related activities like milking the cows, collecting eggs and feeding the calves etc.

Visiting the B&B can truly let you experience the life of a farmer first hand. The construction of this place is Victorian and is a good example of the buildings seen in the later half of the 18th century.

Iowa Tourism Budget

FY Iowa Tourism Budget
FY00 $6,278,835
FY01 $6,118,216
FY02 $4,523,341
FY03 $3,558,229
FY04 $3,542,544
FY05 $3,437,674
FY06 $3,442,767
FY07 $3,544,443
FY08 $5,048,881
FY09 $5,092,139
FY10 $4,386,128

Owa Midwestern State Tourism Budget

County Name Budget ($ Millons)
IL $50.3
MO $20.0
WI $11.4
MN $10.8
NE $6.4
KS $5.1
IA $5.0

Tourism Generated In Iowa 2004 - 2008

Year Budget ($ Billons)
2004 $5.0
2005 $5.4
2006 $5.8
2007 $6.3
2008 $6.4

Tourism Generated State Tax Revenues In Iowa 2004 -2008

Year Budget ($ Millons)
2004 $273.4
2005 $280.5
2006 $291.0
2007 $307.2
2008 $303.2

Average Daily Spending By Travellers In Iowa

Type Expendeture Percentage
Transportation $70.92 28%
Lodging $70.73 27%
Food $54.16 21%
Entertainment $30.69 12%
Retail $31.43 12%