Iowa State Information

Iowa State Information

  • The state of Iowa strongly supported the Union during the civil war. Even though there were no battles fought in the state of Iowa, the state participated in the war by providing the armies with large supplies of food and other products.

  • The north prairie regions of the state of Iowa have dense forests and several wetlands and river valleys. The natural flora consisting of tall prairie grass and savanna can be seen in the highland areas. 

  • The primary tourist spots of the Okoboji region are surely the glacier-carved lakes which form a chain stretching for about 15,000 acres from southwestern Minnesota. The Spirit Lake along with the East Okoboji and the West Okoboji, Upper and Lower Gar make up spectacular tourist destinations.

  • Algona is another notable tourist spot which is surrounded by the Des Moines River and hills of Ambrose. The premier tourist spot which is of historical importance is the World War II prisoner of war camp. This Prisoner of War camp was the quarter of German and Italian prisoners. Approximately 8,000 Germans and Italians were kept in this place during World War II.

  • In terms of size the state of Iowa is ranked 26th among the other states of United State of America.

  • In terms of population Iowa is ranked 30th in United States of America with an approximate population of 3,007,856 surveyed in the year 2009.

  • English is the predominant language in the state and finds about 94% of users from the entire population. Spanish, on the other hand, finds a minimum amount of users but still ranks as the second most important language in the state.  German Language with various dialects is also spoken in the state of Iowa.

  • Iowa is also known by the name “The Hawkeye State.” The name was given in 1838 by two territorial officials.

  • The state bird of Iowa is “Eastern Goldfinch” and the state flower is the “Wild Rose.”

  • The famous motto of the state of Iowa is quoted as “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.”