Iowa Attractions

Iowa State Tourist Attractions

Iowa is known as the American Heartland since it is located, as its name suggests, in the Midwestern region of the United States of America. The state of Iowa was granted statehood on the 28th of December, 1846, and it is the 29th state of the country.

Grotto of the Redemption

  • The Grotto of the Redemption is a colossal landmark to religious commitment and is one of the most important attractions of Iowa. A young seminarian by the name of Paul Dobberstein built this shrine with precious stones after his request for recovery from pneumonia was answered by Mother Mary.

  • Consequently, after Dobberstein happened to be back in good health, he became a priest in 1898 and came to Iowa from Germany. For around 14 years, he collected building materials for the construction, which consisted generally of the rocks that the neighboring farmers took out from their turf.

  • Father Dobberstein began the construction of the Grotto in the year 1912. It was completed in about 42 miraculous years which then resulted in the largest grotto in the world.

Battle Hill Museum of Natural History

  • The Battle Hill Museum of Natural History is a windowless structure crammed in the midst of thousands of lifeless animals.

  • The museum is also home to numerous skulls as well as the heads of the "wandering moose”. The building of the museum provides service to school kid’s tours to its "Petting Zoo."

Albert the Bull

  • Albert is the world's biggest Bull, and it has been supposedly safeguarding the peaceful streets of Audubon ever since the year of 1964. It is 30 feet in height and 33 feet in length, with a 15-foot width amid its horns.

  • Albert the bull nevertheless, is larger than some other such bulls in other towns. It weighs up to 45 tons, and the largest part of it is rock-solid concrete. The steelwork that shapes the strong frame was recovered from abandoned windmills of Iowa.

Snake Alley 

  • Snake Alley clashes with San Francisco's Lombard Street for the name of "World's Crookedest Street."

  • The German organizers residing in town created Snake Alley in the year of 1894 as a new street design and also as a shortcut downward to Burlington. It has seven curves over the area of 275 feet overall.

  • Snake Alley is till date, cemented with cobblestones, by means of an old timely entry sign and copy Victorian lamp posts. Scientifically, there are less switchbacks and a lot shorter time in queue than the Lombard Street.

Snake Alley
Snake Alley  Location: Burlington, Iowa
Snake Alley  Coordinates: 40°48′42.42″N 91°6′20.28″W
Snake Alley  Built / Founded: 1894
Snake Alley  Architect: William Steyh
Snake Alley  Governing Body: Local
Added to NRHP: September 6, 1974
NRHP Reference#: 74000783

Future Birth Place of James T. Kirk

  • “James T. Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise, will be born in Riverside on March 22, 2228” describes a tablet, at the back of a previous barber shop which now a symbolically significant spot for his current fans. The townsfolk of Riverside desired to construct a James T. Kirk bust in bronze, but Paramount asked for $40,000 to license the representation.

  • As an alternative, a scale reproduction of the "USS Riverside” is docked in the town square. Swarm of pasty-faced fans attack Riverside all through Kirk's annual birthday celebration leading to growth of the treasury of local businesses such as "Future Designs by Carol" and "Flower Trek."

James T. Kirk Species Human
James T. Kirk Home Planet Earth
James T. Kirk Affiliation United Federation of Planets Starfleet
James T. Kirk Posting Commanding officer, USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A
James T. Kirk Rank Captain, Admiral
James T. Kirk Portrayed by William Shatner, Chris Pine (2009)

World's Largest Strawberry

  • Visitors on Highway 16 will be able to notice the poorly faded World's Tallest Strawberry. It's the globular top of a 130 ft. tall water tower with a lone horse grazing at its base.

  • Strawberry Point in Iowa is well recognized as the big berry locale, and its statue is in all probability the scientific champion of the World's Largest Strawberry title. The 15-feet tall sculpture is on a position in front of City Hall. It is made of fiberglass, by a local ad agency, and it was made-up by an anonymous company of California in the 1960s.