Indiana Transportation

Indiana Transportation

Indiana is one among the states of United States of America. It has a total land area of 36,420 square miles and is ranked as the 38th largest state of the United States. Indiana has 83 counties within it which accommodates a population of approximately 376,972 individuals. The entire population of Indiana is benefited by a very well developed means of transportation system.

The important means of transportations available in Indiana are:

Road Transportation in Indiana

The roadways are the most important means of transportation available in Indiana. The county roads here are identified on the basis of a newly introduced grid system. This system is quite easy for the passengers to identify the transportation available to their required route. In earlier days, an arbitrary system was used for the identification of county roads. This arbitrary system is based on specific numbering and naming system to each of the county road. This grid system for identifying county roads is successfully implemented in the northern and central regions of Indiana. The rural counties of Indiana, especially those in the southern side still depend on the old way of numbering and naming. The St. Joseph County has a different road grid system. It makes use of the names of the trees or the perennial system in an alphabetic order for the roads in the North-South region. It also makes use of names of the President and other popular people as the means for identification of East-West roads.

Major Highways of Indiana

Indiana has many interstate highways. This includes interstate-64, interstate-275, interstate-469, interstate-70, interstate-74, interstate-80, interstate-94, interstate-164, interstate-265, interstate-65, interstate-69, interstate-465 and the interstate-865. The motto of Indiana, “the cross roads of America” is mainly because of the presence of so many highways that intersect each other at particular areas along with the factor that Indiana once served as a major railroad hub.

Railroad Transportation in Indiana

The railroads are the most efficient and safer means of transportation available in Indiana. There are around 4,256 railroad route miles available here. More than 90 percentage of this is operated by class 1 railroads. The class 1 railroads of Indiana include Norfolk Southern railway, Canadian National Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, Amtrak and CSX Transportation. The remaining percentages of rail roads are operated by regional and local railroads. Some of them are also operated by switching and terminal rail roads.

Marine Transportation in Indiana

Major portion of Indiana is surrounded by water bodies. Thus water or marine means is the major means of transportation especially used here for moving the cargo. It is estimated that around 65 millions of cargo is transported through the marine means. More than half of the state’s border has a direct contact with the major freight forwarding arteries such as St. Lawrence Seaway and Inland waterway system. The major ports of Indiana are the Mount Vernon, Jeffersonville and Burns Harbor.

Air Transportation in Indiana

The air transportation in Indiana is very well developed. The Indianapolis Airport is the largest public airport in Indiana. Some of the primary airports in Indiana that offers commercial service are Evansville regional airport, Fort Wayne International Airport, Indianapolis International Airport and South Bend Regional Airport. The major reliever airports of Indiana are the Griffith-Merrillville airport, Mount Comfort airport, Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport, Hendricks County Airport, Eagle Creek Airpark, Indianapolis Executive Airport and Clark Regional Airport. Some of the most important general aviation Airports are Marion Municipal Airport, White County Airport, Michigan City Municipal Airport, Frankfort Municipal Airport, New Castle-Henry County Municipal Airport, Wabash Municipal Airport, Perry County Municipal Airport etc. Other most important public use Airports are Alexandria Airport, Lake Monroe Sea Plane Base, Holiday Inn Lake View Heliport, Skylane Airport, Franklin Flying Field, Orleans Airport, Nappanee Municipal Airport etc. The most important military airport of Indiana is the Grissom Joint Air Reserve Base.

List of Airports in Indiana

City Served FAA IATA ICAO Airport Name Role Enpl.
Commercial Service - Primary Airports
Evansville EVV EVV KEVV Evansville Regional Airport P-N 222,654
Fort Wayne FWA FWA KFWA Fort Wayne International Airport P-N 289,210
Indianapolis IND IND KIND Indianapolis International Airport P-M 4,097,398
South Bend SBN SBN KSBN South Bend Regional Airport P-S 398,500
Reliever Airports
Griffith 05C     Griffith-Merrillville Airport R  
Indianapolis EYE   KEYE Eagle Creek Airpark R 25
Indianapolis / Danville 2R2     Hendricks County Airport (Gordon Graham Field) R  
Indianapolis / Fishers UMP   KUMP Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport R 89
Indianapolis / McCordsville MQJ   KMQJ Mount Comfort Airport R 51
Indianapolis / Zionsville TYQ   KTYQ Indianapolis Executive Airport R 102
Jeffersonville JVY   KJVY Clark Regional Airport R 54
        General Aviation Airports    
Anderson AID AID KAID Anderson Municipal Airport (Darlington Field) GA  
Angola ANQ ANQ KANQ Tri-State Steuben County Airport GA  
Auburn GWB   KGWB DeKalb County Airport GA 27
Bedford BFR BFR KBFR Virgil I. Grissom Municipal Airport GA  
Bloomington BMG BMG KBMG Monroe County Airport GA 1,293
Columbus BAK CLU KBAK Columbus Municipal Airport GA 315
Connersville CEV CEV KCEV Mettel Field GA 28
Crawfordsville CFJ   KCFJ Crawfordsville Municipal Airport GA  
Delphi 1I9     Delphi Municipal Airport GA  
Elkhart EKM EKI KEKM Elkhart Municipal Airport GA 136
Fort Wayne SMD SMD KSMD Smith Field GA  
Frankfort FKR   KFKR Frankfort Municipal Airport GA 9
French Lick FRH FRH KFRH French Lick Municipal Airport GA 1
Gary GYY GYY KGYY Gary/Chicago International Airport
(scheduled service ended April 2007)
GA 16,223
Goshen GSH GSH KGSH Goshen Municipal Airport GA 41
Greencastle 4I7     Putnam County Airport GA 3
Greensburg I34     Greensburg-Decatur County Airport GA 5
Huntingburg HNB HNB KHNB Huntingburg Airport GA 16
Huntington HHG   KHHG Huntington Municipal Airport GA 2
Indianapolis 8A4     Indianapolis Downtown Heliport GA  
Indianapolis / Greenwood HFY   KHFY Greenwood Municipal Airport GA 22
Kendallville C62     Kendallville Municipal Airport GA 12
Kentland 50I KKT   Kentland Municipal Airport GA  
Knox OXI   KOXI Starke County Airport GA 4
Kokomo OKK OKK KOKK Kokomo Municipal Airport GA 2
La Porte PPO LPO KPPO La Porte Municipal Airport GA 42
Lafayette LAF LAF KLAF Purdue University Airport GA 1,910
Logansport GGP   KGGP Logansport/Cass County Airport GA  
Madison IMS MDN KIMS Madison Municipal Airport GA  
Marion MZZ MZZ KMZZ Marion Municipal Airport GA 1
Michigan City MGC MGC KMGC Michigan City Municipal Airport (Phillips Field) GA  
Monticello MCX   KMCX White County Airport GA 4
Muncie MIE MIE KMIE Delaware County Airport (Johnson Field) GA 544
New Castle UWL   KUWL New Castle-Henry County Municipal Airport GA  
North Vernon OVO   KOVO North Vernon Airport GA  
Paoli I42     Paoli Municipal Airport GA  
Peru I76     Peru Municipal Airport GA 3
Plymouth C65 PLY   Plymouth Municipal Airport GA 41
Portland PLD   KPLD Portland Municipal Airport GA 2
Rensselaer RZL RNZ KRZL Jasper County Airport GA 13
Richmond RID RID KRID Richmond Municipal Airport GA 9
Rochester RCR RCR KRCR Fulton County Airport GA  
Salem I83     Salem Municipal Airport GA  
Seymour SER SER KSER Freeman Municipal Airport GA 7
Shelbyville GEZ   KGEZ Shelbyville Municipal Airport GA 4
Sheridan 5I4     Sheridan Airport GA  
Sullivan SIV SIV KSIV Sullivan County Airport GA  
Tell City TEL   KTEL Perry County Municipal Airport GA 6
Terre Haute HUF HUF KHUF Terre Haute International Airport (Hulman Field) GA 1,042
Valparaiso VPZ VPZ KVPZ Porter County Municipal Airport GA 26
Wabash IWH   KIWH Wabash Municipal Airport GA  
Warsaw ASW   KASW Warsaw Municipal Airport GA 35
Washington DCY   KDCY Daviess County Airport GA  
Winamac RWN   KRWN Arens Field GA  
Winchester I22     Randolph County Airport GA 1
Other Public-Use Airports (not listed in NPIAS)
Alexandria I99     Alexandria Airport    
Batesville HLB HLB KHLB Hillenbrand Industries Airport    
Bloomfield 1I3     Shawnee Field    
Bloomington 07I     Lake Monroe Seaplane Base    
Bluffton C40     Miller Airport    
Boonville I91     Boonville Airport    
Brazil 0I2     Brazil Clay County Airport    
Brookville 12I     Brookville Reservoir Seaplane Base    
Burnettsville 7W7     Boyer Flight Park    
Butler B25     Harrold Airport    
Clarksville 1I6     Holiday Inn Lakeview Heliport    
Clinton 1I7     Clinton Airport    
Converse 1I8     Converse Airport    
Elkhart 3C1     Mishawaka Pilots Club Airport    
Elwood 3I1     Elwood Airport    
Eminence 78I     Pam's Place Airport    
Evansville 3EV     Skylane Airport    
Flora 5I2     Flora Municipal Airport    
Franklin 3FK     Franklin Flying Field    
French Lick 06I     Patoka Reservoir Landing Area (Seaplane Base)    
Galveston 5I6     Galveston Airport    
Greenfield GFD GFD KGFD Pope Field    
Hagerstown I61     Hagerstown Airport    
Hanover 64I     Lee Bottom Airport    
Hardenstown I38     Action Airpark    
Hobart 3HO     Hobart Sky Ranch Airport    
Indianapolis 7L8     Post-Air Airport    
Knox 3C5     Wheeler Airport    
Kokomo 8I3     Glenndale Airport    
Lake Village C98     Lake Village Airport    
Lebanon 6I4     Boone County Airport    
Linton 4U8     Morrison Flight Park    
Lowell C97     Lowell Airport    
Mentone C92     Mentone Airport    
Muncie 7I2     Reese Airport    
Nappanee C03     Nappanee Municipal Airport    
Noblesville I80     Noblesville Airport    
Orleans 7I4     Orleans Airport    
Peru 43I     Mississinewa Reservoir Landing Area (Seaplane Base)    
Poseyville 61Y     Ralph E. Koch Airport    
Scottsburg 3R8     Scottsburg Airport    
Terre Haute 3I3     Sky King Airport   184
Union Mills 4C1     Flying U Ranch Airport    
Vevay 8I1     Robinson Airport    
Vincennes OEA OEA KOEA O'Neal Airport    
Waterloo 4C2     Walker/Rowe Waterloo Airport    
Westfield I72     Westfield Airport    
Other Military Airports
Peru GUS GUS KGUS Grissom Joint Air Reserve Base    
        Notable Private-Use Airports    
Boggstown 88IN     Gardner Airport    
Culver IN73     Fleet Field    
Oaktown 2IG4 OTN   Ed-Air Airport (FAA identifier was: OTN)    
Patoka IN30     Hull Airport (Hull Field)    
Notable Former Airports
Decatur DCR DCR KDCR Decatur Hi-Way Airport (closed 2005)    
Lafayette 3AR     Aretz Airport (closed 1999-2002?)    

Indiana Transportation Museum

Indiana Transportation Museum
Reporting Mark ITMZ
Locale Central Indiana
Dates of Operation 1960 (1960)–Present
Track Gauge 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) (standard gauge)
Length 38 mi (61 km)
Headquarters Noblesville, Indiana

Indiana Department of Transportation

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)
Agency Overview
Jurisdiction Indiana
Headquarters 100 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana
Agency executive Michael B. Cline, Commissioner
Parent agency State of Indiana