Indiana Tourism

Indiana Tourism Places

Indiana is a place of great tourism importance. Every year Indiana is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. Indiana has a very well developed tourism department. Tourism also contributes a lot towards Indiana’s economy. Apart from various places of tourism importance like natural parks, zoos, museums, historic centers etc, Indiana also provides many interesting activities to its tourists.

Tourism Attractions of Indiana

The major places of tourism importance in Indiana are:

African American Historical Museum:  This museum is actually located within a large Victorian community. Within this house, two floors are entirely arranged to depict the History of Africa along with those evidences which shows slavery in America. It has an underground rail road system. It also gives us information on musical and cultural heritage.

Allen County Public Library: The Allen County Public Library has an excellent genealogy department which can provide you with the information regarding ancestral history. This genealogy department is ranked as the second largest in the country.

American Legion Mall and Headquarters Museum: This is an historical museum. The displays within it remind the viewers about the World War I and World War II. It has collection of equipments and weapons used by the Native Americans during this War Period.

Art link: The Art link of Indiana is a place of interest especially for the art lovers. The building itself is very much attractive. It is made of bricks and contains large collections of paintings, craft works etc. It mainly focuses on the young or emerging officers.

Athenaeum: In earlier days, Athenaeum was known as Das Deutsche Haus. This was constructed in 1892. During this period many German people had immigrated to Indiana with the aim of promoting both physical and mental health. The Athenaeum was built to serve as a club for such German immigrants.

Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum: It serves as an automobile Museum and has a collection of around 150 cars of 1800s and 1900. The display also includes the luxury cars used in the earlier days of the famous car makers like Cadillacs, Packard, Rolls Royces, Cords, Duesenbergs etc.

Benjamin Harrison Home: Benjamin Harrison was the twenty third president of America. Benjamin Harrison Home is a three storied building which is enhanced or decorated with furniture that belonged to the Benjamin Harrison. It also has many artifacts of that period.

Bloomington: Bloomington is situated in the south central Indiana between the beautiful scenery of valleys and hills. There exist many legends regarding the name Bloomington. According to some, the name has arisen from blooming flowers that attracted early settlers who came to this place. 

Broad Ripple Village: The Broad Ripple Village has come to exist in early 1900. It has many restaurants, bars, shops etc to serve the visitors and passengers.

Centre for History: This historical society was founded in 1867 and is considered as the second oldest in the State. It has many displays regarding the history of the northern Indiana. This history centre is a huge mansion that consists of around 38 rooms.

Eagle Creek Park and Natural Reserve: It is one among the largest municipal parks of the United States of America with a total area of 4,000 acres. The park is a great place to enjoy bird watching, swimming, hiking, boating, fishing, sailing etc.

Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection: This is an interesting historical museum with a collection of around 19,000 costumes and accessories of men, women and children.

Fire Fighters Museum and Café: This historical Museum was build in1893 at the place where there existed a fire station until 1972. It gives the visitors idea regarding the mile stones of the firefighting technique along with displays of the uniforms, tucks etc used by the fire fighters.

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: This is one of the most interesting tourism sites. The zoo is constructed in a total area of 42 acres. It has a collection of around 2,000 creatures including birds, animals, reptiles etc.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art: This is an art museum which has around 1,300 displays that includes paintings, potteries and other artifacts of the 19th and 20th century.

Indiana Medical History Museum: This museum resides in a historical pathology lab. It has displays of many surgical tools, doctor’s kit, patent medicines etc used in the 1800s.

Indiana State Museum: This is a historic museum that displays history and cultural aspects of the people of Indianapolis.

Lincoln Museum: It is another historical museum of great tourism importance. It provides the visitors with valuable information regarding the life and history of Abraham Lincoln from his childhood to the President position.

Other major sites of tourism importance are Evansville Museum of Arts History and Science, Hoosier National Park, Indianapolis Art Garden, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis Zoo, Lily Library, Greater Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Potawatomi Zoo, Indianapolis Museum of Art-Columbus Gallery, Irwin Home and Gardens etc.

Tourism Activities in Indiana

  • Canal Walk: It offers the passengers a walk on the trails of oasis in between the excellent landscape, beautiful fountains, Pedestrian Bridge etc.

  • Balloon Rides : The hot air balloon ride is one the most fascinating and trilling tourism activity available in Indiana

  • Golf: Golf is an interesting sporting activity in Indiana. Indiana also offers many golf courses to the visitors.

  • Horse Back Riding: Riding on horse is another major tourism activity of great fun and enjoyment available in Indiana