Indiana Attractions

Indiana Tourist Attractions

Indiana, the 38th largest state of United States has many attractive places from the viewpoint of tourism. Let us have a look on it based on the location:

Indianapolis Attractions

  • Indiana State Museum: It is a historical museum and provides information of the early history of Indiana with details about the animals that inhabited Indiana hundreds of years ago.

    Gov. Frank O'Bannon Great Hall
    • Dean and Barbara White Auditorium
    • Legacy Theater: The Indiana African American Experience
    • Treasure Cases
    First Floor
    • Birth of the Earth
    • The Ancient Seas
    • R.B. Annis Naturalist's Lab
    • Age of Ice
    • Native American
    Second Floor
    • Nineteenth State
    • The Hoosier Way
    • Crossroads of Indiana
    • Enterprise Indiana
    • Global Indiana
    • Heritage Corner
    • American Originals
    Third Floor
    • Rapp Reception Hall
    • The Ford Gallery
    • NiSource, Inc. Gallery of Indiana Art
    • Changing Exhibits Gallery
    • Lincoln Financial Foundation Gallery (Opening Sept. 2010)
  • Children’s Museum at Indianapolis: The children’s Museum of Indianapolis has many activities of children’s interest related to science and technology like astronomical observatory centers and theatrical halls etc.

    The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
    Established 1925
    Location Indianapolis, Indiana
    Type Children's Museum
    Visitor figures 1.3 Million
  • Eagle Creek Park and Natural Reserve: It is among the largest municipal parks in the U.S with a total water area of 1400 acres and total dry area of 3900 acres. Different interesting activities available here are bird watching, hiking, swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, wind surfing etc.

  • Garfield Park Conservatory: This Park was so named to honor the President, James Garfield. The gardens and botanical displays of this place display variety of tropical plants and flowers.

  • Indiana Medical History Museum: It is a historical museum important for its medical and pharmacy attraction.

  • Indianapolis Museum of Arts: This Museum is situated in four pavilions namely Krannert Pavilion, Hulman pavilion, Clowes pavilion and Lilly pavilion. This historical museum displays many paintings, art collections, pottery, and furniture of historical importance.

  • Monument Circle: Monument Circle was constructed in 1902 as a memorial of the soldiers who lost their life during the civil war. There are many monuments, towers and observation desks in Monument circle.   

Colubus Attractions

  • 1316 Franklin Street: This is a carpenter house constructed in 1800 and has been preserved unchanged till now and thus is of great historical value. 

  • Columbus Inn: Columbus Inn is a building constructed in1895 in a Romanesque pattern which has a tall bell tower. The interior of the Columbus Inn is really beautiful.

  • Irwin Home and Gardens: The Irwin home was built in 1864 and the Irwin Garden in 1910. It is famous for its Italian style gardens, various botanical displays and fountains.

  • North Christian Church: The North Christian Church is one of the major attractions of Indiana. It is of hexagonal shape on the top of which is positioned a golden leaf cross. This unique church was designed by the famous architect Eero Saarinen.

  • Indianapolis Museum of Art-Columbus Gallery: This is an art museum and displays many ancient art works and painting

  • Other major tourist attractions of Columbus are Ulrich-Schwartzkopf building, story house, Sparrel Block, Orinoco Fire House, Old Garfield School, Bartholomew County Courthouse, Cerealine Mill, Franklin Square, Columbus Architecture tour, First Presbyterian Church, Henry Strasser House, McKinley school, J. Will Prall House, Irwin’s Bank Building, 800 – 900 block of Franklin Street, 400 Block of Washington Street etc.

South Bend Attractions

  • Northern Indiana Centre for History: This is a famous historical centre in Indiana. It has many exhibits that give information about the pre historic times and the period of European Settlement in Indiana in the museum’s Voyage Gallery. The Reclin Gallery of Northern Indiana displays the historical aspect of the Norte Dame University.

  • Copshaholm, the Oliver Mansion: Copshaholm , the Oliver Mansion is a beautiful house constructed in the early 20th century. This mansion has 38 rooms and the entire building is restored till now as such. It displays the original furniture, pottery, metal works, glass works etc. of that period.

  • Potawatomi Zoo: The Potawatomi Zoo is an important tourist attraction site of Indiana. It has wide collection of animal and bird species The Zoo also offers a pony ride and train.

  • South Bend Museum of Art: The South Bend Museum of Art displays many art works, paintings, sculptures, statues, stone works etc. The art works and paintings displayed here include works of national and international artists. It also offers a variety of educational activities and programs to the public.

  • Stuedebaker National Museum: The Stuedebaker National Museum displays many ancient automobiles, motorcycles etc. and it also offers horse back riding.

  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart: It is situated in the campus of University of Notre Dame. It has a bell tower of 74m/230 ft tall attached to it. The interior of the church has an amazing design with an attractive azure blue ceiling.

Fort Wayne Attractions

  • Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is ranked among the top ten zoos of the United States. It has wide variety of animal species within it. It also offers many children’s activities like rides, shows etc.

  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art: It is a major tourist site of cultural importance. It displays a collection of 1,400 pieces which includes paintings, art works, pottery etc.

  • Greater Fort Wayne Museum of Art: It is located in the Fort Wayne International Airport and displays many historical memorabilia.

  • Jack D. Diehm Museum of Natural History: It is an interesting site which provides information about the natural surroundings with the help of various stuffed animal species.

  • Lincoln Museum: Lincoln Museum is a historical museum and provides us with valuable information about the life of Abraham Lincoln from his childhood to the President position especially through its excellent displays of paintings, photos etc.

  • Fort Wayne Science Centre: This is an interactive museum with various science and technology activities enhanced through the multimedia activities. The museum’s main area of interest is the parachute drop and moon walk.

Fort Wayne History Centre: This is an historical museum that gives information about the Miami Indians, along with various materials used in ancient times like gas pump, potty chair, hand held calculator etc.

Indiana Featured Attractions

  • A Town Named Santa Claus - Santa Claus, Indiana
  • World's Largest Ball of Paint - Alexandria, Indiana
  • Giant Lady's Leg Sundial - Lake Village, Indiana
  • Ultraviolet Apocalypse - Munster, Indiana
  • Gus Grissom Tributes - Mitchell, Indiana
  • Dan Quayle Center and US Vice Presidential Museum - Huntington, Indiana
  • RV Hall of Fame - Elkhart, Indiana
  • Joe Palooka Statue - Oolitic, Indiana