The role of travel agents is to help his or her customers to get knowledgeable concerning the top-valued packages best suitable to one's budget needs. Additionally, the travel agent also books airline tickets, rents a car service, and arranges accommodation. Informing his customers about the visa procedure and helping to procure the same is another important responsibility for international travel agents. The travel agent also helps in forecasting the weather of a particular destination as well as informs his customers regarding the ideal season to visit.

Role Of Independent Travel Agent

As an independent travel agent, the individual is not directly associated with any travel agency, but works like a freelancer who is directly associated with various travel related facilities or travel agencies. The duty of independent travel agent is to settle all the necessary arrangements for travel once the customer sets up his or her plan. The travel agent is responsible for letting the customer know about the requisite details in terms of discounted air fare or negotiable hotel price. However, these types of discounts are greatly varied depending on the time of booking.

For example: According to general rules, the discounts are more easily available during weekdays, whereas weekend prices are little higher compared to the former. On the other hand, if someone plans to travel during peak season, it is quite likely that booking on time may only come out with good outcome.

Online Travel Agent

In modern times, likewise other products and facilities, internet is the most accessible media in travel and tourism industry. Essentially in most of the cases, customer needs to fill up an online form, mentioning his or her requisites. After receiving the query, the online travel agent provides the customer the quotes available against the query. While submitting query, most of the online travel schedules customization on the basis of customer's own preference. It is the duty of the online travel agent to find the best suitable offer that is precisely aligned with customer's own needs.

Travel Insurance

While discussing about different facilities provided by independent travel agent or travel agencies, if we do not discuss about travel insurance, the article will surely remain unfinished.

Travel insurance covers the prepaid or non-refundable costs associated with cancellation of a trip, delaying in a trip and any sort of interruption occurring during a trip. This is particularly beneficial insuring the costs involved with airfare, hotels, and trip costs. While visiting for any seminar or session, it helps in reimbursing session fees or course fees whatsoever.