Incentive Travel



You must know that rewards evoke enthusiasm. Now, a company incentive travel is such a reward and it can encourage the employee whom it is awarded. This is actually one of the best business strategies that not only motivates the employee but also relaxes him. This incentive travel award also sets an example before the colleagues of the awarded worker.

So, finally the sales or business under you grows thus ultimately benefiting you. But, the target group of an incentive travel need not only be the employee or the management, or the salespeople. It may even be the customers.


Well destination of the business incentive travel totally depends on your choice and the budget you have fixed. But it's always better if the awarded employee is allowed to choose thedestination by himself, obviously within the limits you set. If the case is of a group incentive travel, you can set a meeting to clinch the destination of common interest.


If your company or business is small and you can afford to award a small budget incentive travel, a nicely arranged trip to a good local location would be a good and economic option rather than a non-exquisite international trip. Remember, the awarded employee is going to remember this corporate incentive travel for long. So, the impression, if good, will motivate him for long.


Well, in case of the large budget quality incentive travels, you can afford good international destinations; but mind you, no compromise on the quality of the trip. International trips give you wider choices.


If you want to give the chap a surprise incentive travel, i.e. you don't want to discuss the trip with him before handing him over the ticket, try knowing about his favorite places from his colleagues.


Everyone has his own interests. For an idea, you should offer an incentive travel which should be unique and different experience for the man. If your company is in a metropolis, you should select the reward destination as a hill station or some calm sea shore town. Costa Rica can be a good example of such a place. If on the other hand, you are already in a silent town, thedestination may be to a hi-fi city, say New York, with bookings in the very dear hotels.

But whatever you do, make it a quality incentive travel.