Illinois Transportation


Transportation in Illinois

Transport is a significant element of the economy of the state of Illinois. Due to the central position and its nearness to the Rust Belt and Grain Belt, Illinois is a countrywide hub for airplane, auto, rail, and truck transportation.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is a state organization accountable for the community roadways looked after by the state of Illinois. Apart from this, Illinois Department of Transportation offers financial support for rail, civic transportation and airport schemes and manages fuel duty and central grant to local authority in the state. The Secretary of transport is accountable to the Governor of Illinois. IllinoisDepartment of Transportation has it’s headquarter in town of Sangamon County, situated close to the state capital city, Springfield. Not only this, the Illinois Department of Transportation’s branch of Highways has headquarters in nine places all through the state.

The objective of Illinois Department of Transportation is to offer protected, cost efficient transport for the citizens of Illinois in manners that improve class of life, uphold economic affluence and reveal reverence for the environment.

Rail Network in Illinois

Between the years 1850 and 1860, the rail network in the state of Illinois developed to offer its service to the whole state. The railways were active in the growth of the state, permitting agricultural products, mineral ore and firewood to be transported with no difficulty.

Today, Illinois has a widespread commuter and cargo rail transport system. Chicago is a national Amtrak centre and in-state travellers are offered the rail services by Amtrak's Illinois Service, with the presence of the Chicago to Carbondale Illini (The Illini is a 310 mile or 499 km traveller train managed by Amtrak that move  between Chicago and Carbondale, Illinois). This train is an element of the Illinois Service rail system and is partly financed by the Illinois Department of Transportation and by native administrations that are on the route. Saluki, the Chicago to Quincy (Again, a 310 mile or 499 km traveller train line is managed by Amtrak moving between Chicago and Carbondale. Illinois Zephyr (a 258 mile or 415 km traveller trains managed by Amtrak), and the Chicago to St. Louis Lincoln Service are the other important services. At this time there are works on the rail tracks of the Chicago to St. Louis route to get the utmost velocity up to 110 mph (or 180 km/h) which would decrease the journey time by one hour and a half. Almost the entire North American railway has a destination at the city of Chicago, thereby making it one of the major and most dynamic rail centres in the whole world. Widespread traveller rail is offered in the main town and some nearby locations on the periphery by the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' scheme. The major built up traveller rail organization in the United States, managed by Metra, makes the use of the present rail tracks to offer direct traveller rail services from lots of the suburbs to the town and beyond.

Common Freight Carriers

  • Alton and Southern Railway (ALS)
  • Belt Railway of Chicago (BRC)
  • Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad (BLOL)
  • BNSF Railway (BNSF)
  • Burlington Junction Railway (BJRY)
  • Canadian National Railway (CN)
  • Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)
  • Central Illinois Railroad (CIRY)
  • Chicago–Chemung Railroad (CCUO)
  • Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad (CFE)
  • Chicago Port Railroad (CPC)
  • Chicago Rail Link (CRL)
  • Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad (CSS)
  • Chicago Terminal Railroad (CTM)
  • Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad (COER)
  • Coffeen and Western Railroad (CAEG)
  • CSX Transportation (CSXT)
  • Decatur Junction Railway (DT)
  • Eastern Illinois Railroad (EIRC)
  • Effingham Railroad (EFRR)
  • Evansville Western Railway (EVWR)
  • Illinois Railway (IR)
  • Illinois and Midland Railroad (IMRR)
  • Illinois Western Railroad (ILW)
  • Indiana Rail Road (INRD)
  • Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB)
  • Iowa Interstate Railroad (IAIS)
  • Joppa and Eastern Railroad (JE)
  • Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad (KBSR)
  • Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS)
  • Keokuk Junction Railway (KJRY)
  • Manufacturers Railway (MRS)
  • Manufacturers' Junction Railway (MJ)
  • Norfolk Southern Railway (NS)
  • Pioneer Industrial Railway (PRY)
  • Riverport Railroad (RVPR)
  • Shawnee Terminal Railway (STR)
  • South Chicago and Indiana Harbor Railway (SCIH)
  • Tazewell and Peoria Railroad (TZPR)
  • Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA)
  • Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway (TPW)
  • Union Pacific Railroad (UP)
  • Vandalia Railroad (VRRC)
  • Vermilion Valley Railroad (VVRR)
  • Wisconsin and Southern Railroad (WSOR)

Private Freight Carriers

  • Burlington Junction Railway (BJRY)
  • Calumet Transload and Railroad
  • C&C Railroad
  • Chicago Heights Switching
  • DOT Rail Service
  • Kaskaskia Regional Port District (KKRX)
  • Mokena Illinois Railroad
  • North American Industrial Railway
  • Peoria, Peoria Heights and Western Railroad
  • Respondek Railroad (RRC)

Passenger Carriers

  • Amtrak (AMTK)
  • Chicago Transit Authority
  • Fox River Trolley Museum (Aurora, Elgin and Fox River Electric)
  • Illinois Railway Museum
  • Metra
  • MetroLink
  • Monticello Railway Museum
  • Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad

Roadways in Illinois

Roadways have an extensive and eminent past in the state of Illinois, originating from the fine ancient days of the 19th century. The main Interstate main roads of the United States that cross the state consist are: Interstate  24, Interstate  39, Interstate  55,  Interstate  57,  Interstate  64, Interstate 70, Interstate 72, Interstate 74, Interstate 80, Interstate  88, Interstate  90, and Interstate  94. The mid positioning of the Illinois is the reason of why Illinois bears the merit of having the most prominent Interstates passing through it amongst the 50 other states.

List of Illinois Routes



Route Name Region Orientation Length
Miles Kilometers
Illinois Route 1 Eastern North-south 336 541
Illinois Route 2 Northwestern East-west 120 194
Illinois Route 3 Southwestern North-south 190 306
Illinois Route 4 Central North-south 160 257
Illinois Route 4A
Illinois Route 5 Northwestern East-west 20 32
Illinois Route 6 Central North-south 10.06 16.19
Illinois Route 7 Northeastern Southwest-northeast (marked north-south) 25 40
Illinois Route 8 Central East-west 60 97
Illinois Route 9 Central East-west 190 306
Illinois Route 10 Central East-west 91 146




Route Name Region Orientation Length
Miles Kilometers
Illinois Route 11
Illinois Route 12
Illinois Route 13 South central East-west 152 244
Illinois Route 14 South central East-west 81 130
Illinois Route 15 Southern East-west 144 232
Illinois Route 16 Central East-west 172 277
Illinois Route 17 North central East-west 203 327
Illinois Route 18 Central East-west 37 60
Illinois Route 19 Northeastern East-west 33.22 53.46
Illinois Route 20




Route Name Region Orientation Length
mi km
Illinois Route 21 Northern East-west 28.13 45.27
Illinois Route 22 Northeastern East-west 19.70 31.70
Illinois Route 23 Central North-south 126.17 203.05
Illinois Route 24
Illinois Route 25 Northeastern North-south 35.04 56.39
Illinois Route 26 Central North-south 139.35 224.26
Illinois Route 27
Illinois Route 28
Illinois Route 29 North-central North-south 175.36 282.21
Illinois Route 30




Route Name Region Orientation Length
mi km
Illinois Route 31 Northeastern North-south 58.41 94.00
Illinois Route 32 Central North-south 69.32 111.56
Illinois Route 33 Eastern Multidirectional 97.17 156.38
Illinois Route 34 Southern North-south 61.74 99.36
Illinois Route 35 Northwestern East-west 2.42 3.89
Illinois Route 36
Illinois Route 37 Southern North-south 155.07 249.56
Illinois Route 38 Northern East-west 89.28 143.68
Illinois Route 39
Illinois Route 40 Central North-south 112.05 180.33


Waterways in Illinois

Apart from the railway and roadway networks in the state of Illinois, the Mississippi River and Illinois River make available the chieftransport system for the farming benefit of the state. Lake Michigan provides Illinois a way to enter the Atlantic Ocean by the help of the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Airways in Illinois

The O'Hare International Airport (ORD), which is situated in the city of Chicago, is one of the busiest airports on the planet, with an approximate traffic of 59.3 million home travellers per annum, together with 11.4 million global travellers in the year of 2008. The airport was developed between the year 1942 and 1943, as a production site for Douglas C-54s during the time of World War II. The site was chosen for its proximity to the city and transportation.  In the year of 2008, the airport had 881,566 aircraft movements, a standard of 2,409 in a day. It is worth mentioning here that before the year of 2005, O'Hare was the busiest airport of the world in respect of takeoffs and landings of airplanes. It is one of the most important centres for United Airlines and American Airlines, and a main airport extension scheme, is at present in progress.

Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) is the second major airport in the Chicago urban region, and is a main centre for the Southwest Airlines. It is situated on the southwest side of the city of Chicago, approximately eight miles (or 13 km) from the Loop of Chicago. It offered its services to approximately 17.3 million home and global travellers in the year of 2008.

List of Airports in Illinois


City Served FAA IATA ICAO Airport Name Role Enpl.
Commercial Service - Primary Airports
Belleville BLV BLV KBLV MidAmerica St. Louis Airport / Scott Air Force Base P-N 29,019
Bloomington / Normal BMI BMI KBMI Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal P-N 262,980
Champaign / Urbana CMI CMI KCMI University of Illinois - Willard Airport P-N 112,440
Chicago ORD ORD KORD Chicago O'Hare International Airport P-L 38,521,585
Chicago MDW MDW KMDW Chicago Midway International Airport P-L 10,132,836
Decatur DEC DEC KDEC Decatur Airport P-N 4,014
Marion MWA MWA KMWA Williamson County Regional Airport P-N 6,441
Moline MLI MLI KMLI Quad City International Airport P-S 1,481,595
Peoria PIA PIA KPIA General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport
(formerly Greater Peoria Regional Airport)
P-N 2,171,366
Rockford RFD RFD KRFD Chicago Rockford International Airport P-N 1,110,835
Springfield SPI SPI KSPI Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport P-N 262,138
Commercial Service - Non-Primary Airports
Quincy UIN UIN KUIN Quincy Regional Airport (Baldwin Field) CS 2,707
Reliever Airports
Alton / St. Louis ALN ALN KALN St. Louis Regional Airport R 35
Aurora ARR AUZ KARR Aurora Municipal Airport R 20
Cahokia / St. Louis CPS CPS KCPS St. Louis Downtown Airport R 111
Lake in the Hills 3CK     Lake in the Hills Airport R 477
Lansing IGQ   KIGQ Lansing Municipal Airport R 5
Prospect Heights / Wheeling PWK PWK KPWK Chicago Executive Airport
(formerly Palwaukee Municipal Airport)
R 3,986
Romeoville LOT LOT KLOT Lewis University Airport R 635
Waukegan UGN UGN KUGN Waukegan Regional Airport R 610
West Chicago DPA DPA KDPA DuPage Airport (DuPage County) R 475
General Aviation Airports
Aledo C00     Mercer County Airport GA  
Beardstown K06     Greater Beardstown Airport GA 1
Benton H96     Benton Municipal Airport GA  
Bolingbrook 1C5     Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport GA 2
Cairo CIR CIR KCIR Cairo Regional Airport GA  
Canton CTK   KCTK Ingersoll Airport GA 43
Carbondale / Murphysboro MDH MDH KMDH Southern Illinois Airport GA 107
Carmi CUL   KCUL Carmi Municipal Airport GA  
Casey 1H8     Casey Municipal Airport GA  
Centralia ENL ENL KENL Centralia Municipal Airport GA  
Danville DNV DNV KDNV Vermilion Regional Airport GA 38
DeKalb DKB   KDKB DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport GA 3
Dixon C73     Dixon Municipal Airport (Charles R. Walgreen Field) GA  
Effingham 1H2     Effingham County Memorial Airport GA 28
Fairfield FWC   KFWC Fairfield Municipal Airport GA 10
Flora FOA   KFOA Flora Municipal Airport GA  
Freeport FEP FEP KFEP Albertus Airport GA 8
Galesburg GBG GBG KGBG Galesburg Municipal Airport GA 511
Grayslake C81     Campbell Airport GA  
Greenville GRE GRE KGRE Greenville Airport GA 24
Greenwood / Wonder Lake 10C     Galt Field GA 1
Harrisburg HSB HSB KHSB Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport GA 5
Harvard 0C0     Dacy Airport GA  
Havana 9I0     Havana Regional Airport GA  
Jacksonville IJX IJX KIJX Jacksonville Municipal Airport GA 12
Joliet JOT JOT KJOT Joliet Regional Airport GA  
Kankakee IKK IKK KIKK Greater Kankakee Airport GA 212
Kewanee EZI   KEZI Kewanee Municipal Airport GA 6
Lacon C75     Marshall County Airport GA  
Lawrenceville LWV LWV KLWV Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport GA 8
Lincoln AAA   KAAA Logan County Airport GA  
Litchfield 3LF     Litchfield Municipal Airport GA  
Macomb MQB MQB KMQB Macomb Municipal Airport GA 378
Mattoon / Charleston MTO MTO KMTO Coles County Memorial Airport GA 204
Metropolis M30     Metropolis Municipal Airport GA  
Monee C56     Bult Field GA  
Monmouth C66     Monmouth Municipal Airport GA  
Monticello 2K0     Piatt County Airport GA  
Morris C09     Morris Municipal Airport (James R. Washburn Field) GA  
Mount Carmel AJG   KAJG Mount Carmel Municipal Airport GA  
Mount Sterling I63     Mount Sterling Municipal Airport GA 4
Mount Vernon MVN MVN KMVN Mount Vernon Airport GA  
Olney / Noble OLY OLY KOLY Olney-Noble Airport GA 42
Paris PRG   KPRG Edgar County Airport GA 2
Pekin C15     Pekin Municipal Airport GA  
Peoria 3MY     Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport GA 384
Peru / LaSalle VYS VYS KVYS Illinois Valley Regional Airport (Walter A. Duncan Field) GA 2
Pinckneyville / DuQuoin PJY   KPJY Pinckneyville-DuQuoin Airport GA  
Pittsfield PPQ   KPPQ Pittsfield Penstone Municipal Airport GA 1
Pontiac PNT   KPNT Pontiac Municipal Airport GA 6
Poplar Grove C77     Poplar Grove Airport GA  
Rantoul TIP   KTIP Rantoul National Aviation Center (Frank Elliott Field) GA  
Robinson RSV   KRSV Robinson Municipal Airport GA 3
Rochelle RPJ   KRPJ Rochelle Municipal Airport (Koritz Field) GA 16
Salem SLO SLO KSLO Salem-Leckrone Airport GA  
Savanna SFY   KSFY Tri-Township Airport GA  
Schaumburg 06C     Schaumburg Regional Airport GA 6
Schaumburg 4H1     Schaumburg Municipal Helistop GA  
Shelbyville 2H0     Shelby County Airport GA  
Sparta SAR SAR KSAR Sparta Community Airport (Hunter Field) GA  
St. Jacob 3K6     St. Louis Metro-East Airport (Shafer Field) GA  
Sterling / Rock Falls SQI SQI KSQI Whiteside County Airport (Jos. H. Bittorf Field) GA 11
Taylorville TAZ   KTAZ Taylorville Municipal Airport GA  
Tuscola K96     Tuscola Area Airport GA  
Vandalia VLA VLA KVLA Vandalia Municipal Airport GA 4
Other Public-Use Airports (not listed in NPIAS)
Apple River 7A4     Foster Field    
Carthage I48     Carthage Airport    
Columbia H49     Sackman Field    
Compton C82     Bresson Airport    
Dwight DTG   KDTG Dwight Airport    
Earlville C94     Earlville Airport    
Erie 3H5     Erie Air Park    
Freeport C86     Freeport/Dornink Airport    
Geneseo 3G8     Gen-Airpark    
Highland H07     Highland-Winet Airport    
Hillsboro 3K4     Hillsboro Municipal Airport    
Hinckley 0C2     Hinckley Airport    
Kankakee 3KK     Greater Kankakee Airport    
Lostant 2V3     Hartenbower Hectares Airport    
Manito C45     Manito Mitchell Airport    
Mendota 0C7     Grandpa's Farm Mendota Airport    
Mount Morris C55     Ogle County Airport    
New Lenox 1C2     Howell-New Lenox Airport    
Newark 0C8     Cushing Field    
Ottawa 8N2     Skydive Chicago Airport   2
Palmyra 5K1     Zelmer Memorial Airpark    
Paxton 1C1     Paxton Airport    
Rockford 1C8     Cottonwood Airport    
Rushville 5K4     Schuy-Rush Airport    
Urbana C16     Frasca Field    
Watson 2T2     Percival Springs Airport    
Yates City 2C6     Tri-County Airport    
        Private-Use Airports (partial list)    
Bradford 3IS8 BDF   Rinkenberger RLA Airport    
Former Airports (partial list)
Chicago CGX CGX KCGX Meigs Field (closed 2003)