Illinois Immigration Laws


Illinois Immigration Laws

An Overview of the Illinois Immigration Law

  • The law prescribed and practiced in the state of Illinois is not that different from the law practiced in the other states but for some exceptions. The laws pertaining to immigration however are extremely similar.

  • Any individual born in the United States of America becomes a citizen automatically. This law is obviously applicable in Illinois as well. The exception to this rule is foreign diplomats in the country or the state of Illinois on some work or residing in the foreign embassy.

  • Children born to foreign diplomats do not gain automatic citizenship in Illinois or any other part of the country. A group or an individual who is not born an American must be naturalized by some treaty or an act passed by the Congress as a bill.

Alien, Immigrant, Nonimmigrant etc

  • An individual is categorized as an alien in Illinois when he/she is a citizen of some other country other than the United States of America. An individual who resides in the state of Illinois with the decision to make the state his permanent home is called an immigrant.

  •  A person who has migrated to Illinois but does not plan to stay back permanently but return to his/her home country is called a nonimmigrant. For example a student is a nonimmigrant if he/she is planning of returning to the country of their origin after completing their education in Illinois.

  • It is comparatively easier to get permission to enter the country and the state of Illinois if a person declares himself/herself as anonimmigrant. The procedure for immigrants is more stringent.

  • The Immigration and Naturalization service is responsible to take care of problems when a person wrongly or deceitfully declares themselves as nonimmigrants. Also in this case it is considerably difficult to obtain animmigrant visa after getting a nonimmigrant visa.

Illinois Visa System

  • Any alien, nonimmigrant or immigrant must first apply for and get a visa in order to immigrate to the state of Illinois or any other part of United States of America.

  •  It is a symbol representing the approval of the United States government for the concerned person to visit or reside in the country and thus by default in the state of Illinois for a stipulated amount of time.

  • People can apply for visa at the United States embassy or consulate present in the alien’s country. Some countries however are an exception to the rule.

  • Many of the European countries and Japan have an understanding and thus people from these countries do not have to travel to the US with a visa and can stay up to 90 days on American soil without one. The INS allows this only if they can show a return ticket which acts as a sort of a deposit guaranteeing their return.

  • Even Canadian citizens do not need to have a visa for visiting US on a temporary basis. The declaration of the purpose of visit should however comply with those undertaken for a “B visa”.

  • The set of rules describing the conditions under which one might immigrate or visit Illinois are complex. Most of them have been drafted by the United States Congress. There are different types of visas and all of them have different terms and conditions.

  •  A lot of factors like the country of origin to the purpose of visit come in to view and thus it is highly advisable to consult an immigration attorney.

  •  Even to change the application of visa from one class to another is not only difficult but highly unlikely. Sometimes people have to wait for years before their application is considered while in some cases it is only a matter of days.

  • Thus one can see that majority of the immigration laws applicable in the state of Illinois are prevalent throughout the country as well.