Idaho Transportation

Idaho Transportation

The state of Idaho offers an array of choices ranging from the traditional road transportation facilities to air transport, water transport etc. The people of Idaho rely heavily on the transportation services provided to fulfill their basic as well as secondary needs and thus, the transportation system plays a huge role in the expansion of economy at the state level. After all, the overall cost of doing business depends on the efficiency with which one can move goods and people from one place to another.

An overview of the entire transportation system in the state provides us with numerical data regarding the various types of services on offer. An example of this would be-

The Road Transportation system which includes 97,000 km of roads coupled with 4,000 bridges. This helps in increasing interstate connectivity to a large extent. As far as rail transport is concerned Idaho’s transportation boasts of nearly 3,037 km of rail lines. Add another 8,000 km of highway and one could get an idea of the enormity of the functionality of the transportation system.

Major Highways of Idaho

  • One of the most important aspect of the transportation system in the state of Idaho is that of a freeway connecting the two biggest metropolitan areas namely Boise and Coeur d’Alene situated in the south and north respectively.

  • Though the US interstate highway 95 does connect the two together, a lot of repairs and positive changes have been carried out. However, certain areas still need a bit of work to be done. This is shaping up to be a difficult task as the transportation department faces a shortfall of nearly $200 million according to the 2007 report.

  •  The interstate highway 84 is of prime importance as well. This is because it successfully links the southeast part of the state to the southwest part, with a little bit of help from Interstate highway 86 and Interstate highway 15.

Air Transportation Services of Idaho-

  • Air transportation is one of the most prominent mediums through which the state of Idaho is connected to the rest of the country. All of the major domestic airlines operate from the various airports in Idaho.

  • The major airports handling a bigger part of the air traffic include the Boise Airport, which is located in the southwestern Idaho. Another valuable airport in Idaho’s transportation system is the Spokane International Airport which serves the northern part of the state.

  • Some of the other airports with scheduled services include the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport along with Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport. This airport caters to the Lewis-Clark valley and north central Idaho. Idaho Falls Regional Airport and Pocatello Regional Airport are examples of some airports that are not included in ‘major airports of the state’ category but still have an important role to play in connectivity of the state.

Rail based Idaho’s Transportation Services

  • Two transcontinental railroads provide transportation services to the people of Idaho. Idaho is connected with cities like Seattle, Chicago, and Portland via the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. This railroad cuts through a lot of counties like Kootenai, Bonner and Boundary etc.

  • The Union Pacific railroad on the other hand, crosses southern parts of Idaho and travels between Green River, Utah and caters to the population of Boise, Nampa, Twin Falls and Pocatello etc.

  • Amtrak is another major rail service provider. Sadly, its Empire Builder crosses northern parts of Idaho but with a single stop in Sandpoint. There has been a lot of support to improve and extend the services of Amtrak throughout the state to make Idaho’s transportation better.

Water Transportation Services

  • Though the state of Idaho does have a coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean, the medium of water transportation remains highly underutilized when compared to other mediums of transportation.

  • The port of Lewiston is known to be the farthest inland Pacific port on the western coast.

  • The Snake River and the Columbia River are used for travel via barges and this is possible due to the various dam projects undertaken on these two rivers. Barges are mostly used for transporting various goods up to Portland as a lot of ocean-going vessels dock at Portland.

Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)
Idaho Transportation Department Formed 1974
Idaho Transportation Department Preceding Agencies Idaho Highway Commission
Idaho Department of Highways
Idaho Transportation Department Jurisdiction Idaho
Idaho Transportation Department Headquarters 3311 W. State St Boise, Idaho
Idaho Transportation Department Agency Executives Brian Ness, Executive Director
Scott Stokes, Deputy Director
Idaho Transportation Department Parent agency State of Idaho
Idaho Transportation Department Website

List of airports in Idaho

City served FAA IATA ICAO Airport name Role Enpl.
Commercial Service - Primary Airports
Boise BOI BOI KBOI Boise Airport (Gowen Field) P-S 1,689,046
Hailey SUN SUN KSUN Friedman Memorial Airport P-N 67,469
Idaho Falls IDA IDA KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport (Fanning Field) P-N 166,503
Lewiston LWS LWS KLWS Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport P-N 69,726
Pocatello / Arbon Valley PIH PIH KPIH Pocatello Regional Airport P-N 29,491
Twin Falls TWF TWF KTWF Magic Valley Regional Airport (Joslin Field) P-N 33,523
Reliever Airports
Caldwell / Boise EUL   KEUL Caldwell Industrial Airport R  
General Aviation Airports
Aberdeen U36     Aberdeen Municipal Airport GA  
Arco AOC   KAOC Arco-Butte County Airport (Pope Field) GA 4
Blackfoot U02     McCarley Field GA 3
Bonners Ferry 65S     Boundary County Airport GA 82
Buhl U03     Buhl Municipal Airport GA  
Burley BYI BYI KBYI Burley Municipal Airport GA 11
Cascade U70     Cascade Airport GA 67
Challis LLJ CHL KLLJ Challis Airport GA  
Coeur d'Alene COE COE KCOE Coeur d'Alene Air Terminal GA 206
Council U82     Council Municipal Airport GA  
Craigmont S89     Craigmont Municipal Airport GA  
Driggs DIJ   KDIJ Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport (was FAA: U59) GA 3
Gooding GNG GNG KGNG Gooding Municipal Airport GA  
Grangeville S80     Idaho County Airport GA 2
Homedale S66     Homedale Municipal Airport GA  
Jerome JER   KJER Jerome County Airport GA  
Kamiah S73     Kamiah Municipal Airport GA  
Kellogg S83     Shoshone County Airport GA  
McCall MYL MYL KMYL McCall Municipal Airport GA 287
Mountain Home U76     Mountain Home Municipal Airport GA 7
Nampa MAN   KMAN Nampa Municipal Airport GA 25
Orofino S68     Orofino Municipal Airport GA  
Paris / Montpelier 1U7     Bear Lake County Airport GA 12
Preston U10     Preston Airport GA  
Priest River 1S6     Priest River Municipal Airport GA 5
Rexburg RXE   KRXE Rexburg-Madison County Airport GA 15
Salmon SMN SMN KSMN Lemhi County Airport GA 1,222
Sandpoint SZT   KSZT Sandpoint Airport (Dave Wall Field) GA 177
St. Maries S72     St. Maries Municipal Airport GA  
Weiser S87     Weiser Municipal Airport GA  
Other Public-Use Airports (not listed in NPIAS)
American Falls U01     American Falls Airport   12
Atlanta 55H     Atlanta Airport    
Atomic City U37     Midway Airport    
Atomic City U46     Big Southern Butte Airport    
Atomic City U48     Coxs Well Airport    
Bancroft U51     Bancroft Municipal Airport    
Big Creek U60     Big Creek Airport    
Carey U65     Carey Airport    
Cavanaugh Bay D28     Tanglefoot Seaplane Base    
Coeur d'Alene S77     Magee Airport    
Coeur d'Alene S76     Brooks Seaplane Base   2,500
Coolin 66S     Cavanaugh Bay Airport    
Cottonwood S84     Cottonwood Municipal Airport    
Donnelly U84     Donald D. Coski Memorial Airport    
Downey U58     Downey / Hyde Memorial Airport    
Dubois U41 DBS   Dubois Municipal Airport    
Elk City S90     Elk City Airport    
Emmett S78     Emmett Municipal Airport   15
Fairfield U86     Camas County Airport    
Galena U87     Smiley Creek Airport    
Garden Valley U88     Garden Valley Airport    
Glengary S96     Lake Pend Oreille Seaplane Base    
Glenns Ferry U89     Glenns Ferry Municipal Airport    
Grasmere U91     Grasmere Airport    
Grouse U92     Antelope Valley Airport    
Hailey U93     Magic Reservoir Airport    
Hazelton U94     Hazelton Municipal Airport    
Howe U97     Howe Airport    
Ketchum U61     Twin Bridges Airport    
Kimama U99     Laidlaw Corrals Airport    
Kooskia S82     Kooskia Municipal Airport    
Lake / Island Park U53     Henry's Lake Airport    
Leadore U00     Leadore Airport    
Lewiston 78U     Snake River Seaplane Base    
Lowman 0U1     Warm Springs Creek Airport    
Mackay U62     Mackay Airport    
Mackay 0U2     Copper Basin Airport    
Malad City MLD MLD KMLD Malad City Airport    
Martin 0U7     Hollow Top Airport    
May 0U8     May Airport    
Midvale 0U9     Lee Williams Memorial Airport    
Minidoka 1U0     Bear Trap Airport    
Mud Lake 1U2     Mud Lake Airport (West Jefferson County Airport)    
Murphy 1U3     Murphy Airport    
New Meadows 1U4     New Meadows Airport    
Nez Perce 0S5     Nez Perce Municipal Airport    
Oakley 1U6     Oakley Municipal Airport    
Orogrande 75C     Orogrande Airport    
Parma 50S     Parma Airport    
Payette S75     Payette Municipal Airport    
Pine 1U9     Pine Airport    
Porthill 1S1     Eckhart International Airport    
Prairie 2U0     Smith Prairie Airport    
Rigby U56     Rigby-Jefferson County Airport    
Rockford 2U4     Rockford Municipal Airport    
Slate Creek / Riggins 1S7     Slate Creek Airport    
Soda Springs U78     Allen H. Tigert Airport   4
St. Anthony U12     Stanford Field    
Stanley 2U7     Stanley Airport   14
Stanley U63     Bruce Meadows Airport    
Stanley 2U8     Thomas Creek Airport    
Three Creek 3U0     Murphy Hot Springs Airport    
Yellow Pine 3U2     Johnson Creek Airport    
USFS (United States Forest Service) Airports
Atlanta U45     Graham USFS Airport    
Atlanta 52U     Weatherby USFS Airport    
Bernard U54     Bernard USFS Airport    
Big Creek Ranger Station I08     Cabin Creek USFS Airport   50
Cayuse Creek 2ID7     Cayuse Creek USFS Airport    
Challis U72     Upper Loon Creek USFS Airport   7
Chamberlain Guard Station U79     Chamberlain USFS Airport    
Cold Meadows Guard Station U81     Cold Meadows USFS Airport    
Dixie A05     Dixie USFS Airport    
Fish Lake S92     Fish Lake USFS Airport    
Idaho City U98     Idaho City USFS Airport    
Indian Creek S81     Indian Creek USFS Airport   155
Landmark 0U0     Landmark USFS Airport    
Mahoney Creek 0U3     Mahoney Creek USFS Airport    
McCall 24K     Krassel USFS Airport    
Moose Creek Ranger Station 1U1     Moose Creek USFS Airport    
Nordman 67S     Priest Lake USFS Airport    
Shearer 2U5     Shearer USFS Airport    
Soldier Bar 85U     Soldier Bar USFS Airport    
Warren 3U1     Warren USFS Airport    
Military Airports
Mountain Home MUO MUO KMUO Mountain Home Air Force Base   925
Private-Use Airports (partial list)
Lava Hot Springs 01ID     Lava Hot Springs Airport (was FAA: 00E)    
Lava Hot Springs ID67     Lower Loon Creek Airport    
        Former Airports (partial list)    
Boise S65     Strawberry Glenn Airport (closed 1980)