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Idaho for Nature Lovers

  • The state of Idaho is a haven for nature lovers. Although many consider the vast expanses of forests as one of the most important tourist features of the state, Idaho has a lot more to offer.

  • The history of the place is accentuated because the city houses numerous museums of Art and Culture.

  • Adventurous activities like white water rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, camping etc are offered at many sites in Idaho.

Idaho White Water Unlimited-Garden Valley, Idaho

  • The Payette River is a good spot for river rafting or relaxing in calmer areas of the river.
     The southern fork of Payette River extends from Deadwood Confluence to Danskin. This section is touted to be one of the most challenging sections for white water rafting.

  • The collection of sections like the Gateway, Blackadder, Lone Pine, Little Falls etc will immerse any participant in to wild action fuelled with adrenaline.

  • One can also enjoy delicious lunch portions prepared by the guides while soaking in the beautiful view of the Big Falls.

  • Idaho Attractions include the above mentioned places as they are safe for veterans as well as beginners who maybe clueless about white water rafting.

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument – Hagerman, Idaho

  • This place in Idaho is well known for the vast collections of fossils of different plants and animals found.

  • Numerically it is home to over 200 different species of fossil plants and animals. Numerous horse fossils (30 complete horse fossils and portions of 200 individual horses) are also exhibited here. Since many experts believe that horses evolved in North America, there is an expansive exhibition of the same.

  • The fossil beds in this area are extremely rich as fossils of ancient Saber tooth Cat, Peccary, Mastodon, Otter, Bear, Shrew, Camel and Ground Sloth and many other species were found here.

  • One can find over 3,000 new fossil fragments here, each year. For this reason, the monument is often known as a Pliocene-aged site.

  • The park staff provides visitors with an array of services which includes informational DVDs, discovery corners and other such programs. They also conduct a lot of educational programs throughout the year. One can expect to experience enthralling experiences at the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.  A few of them are the Fossil Days, Flower Walks and the Paleo Porch Programs.

  • About 15000 years ago, the Hagerman Valley was ambushed by the Bonneville Flood that left behind scores of lava boulders that were rounded at the edges. Some of the boulders are known to be as big as cars. These are called ‘melon gravel’ and can still be seen throughout the valley to this very day.

  • The weather in the area is generally sunny, dry and clear but in the summer it can go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The winter seasons are sprinkled with rare but recurring winter storms. Due to the climatic conditions as well as tourist attractions, this monument is one of the most well known attractions in Idaho.

Shoshone Indian Ice Caves – Shoshone, Idaho

  • These ice caves are actually a lava tube with extraordinary dimensions and are an important Idaho attraction.

  • It is a thousand feet in length with a ceiling height between 8ft and 30 ft. The extreme temperature conditions coupled with the cold trap effect makes this the perfect ice cave ever.

  • The cold air flowing through the tunnel in winter freezes all the water percolating through the fractures inside the cave. This forms a sheet of ice which provides a temperature between -7 degrees C and .5 degrees C depending on the part of the cave.

  • The beauty of this cave lies in its unique nature and with the help of the wooden bridge covering the entire floor one can tour the entire length of the cave.

These tourist destinations combined with pleasant climatic conditions makes Idaho one of the best tourist attractions in USA.

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