Household Shipping Services

People move from one city to another for a number of reasons – mostly due to relocation with a job.  In such cases, people have to pack up and move an entire household from their current residence to their new one.  There are many companies which help with packing and moving – not just within the country, but also overseas. 

How it Works

Moving can be very stressful and there are companies which are equipped to take care of all the details.  Here is how companies approach it.

  • The procedure is to call the company to come over to the house – a company representative will do a walk through the house to get an idea of how many things are in the house and what can be moved. 
  • This gives the company an idea of how much packing material they will need. 
  • You will then get an estimate from them on the cost of packing and shipping for approval. 
  • A few days before the actual loading, a crew of 4-6 people come to the house and take up assigned rooms and proceed with packing all the items.

Packaging Materials

One can find different size boxes to pack items – wardrobe boxes are used to pack clothes. These are taller than the regular boxes – they also have a metal rod along the width of the box to hang up clothes for easy transport. Book boxes are smaller as they become heavy and are hard to move. As for other items, they can be packed in mid size boxes to fit in more. Every item is wrapped in paper and then put in boxes and taped.

Items like TVs and electronics, paintings etc. have specially constructed wood frames put on – to protect from breakage. Furniture and mattresses are all wrapped in plastic to protect from dust.

Items Not Included in Household Shipping Services

  • Food stuff of any kind is not packed – to avoid getting bugs and spillage
  • Cleaning agents are also excluded as they can damage the shipment by spillage or exploding containers
  • Liquids like cooking oils and soaps are excluded for the same reason. 

Air Freight

In the case of an overseas move, an air shipment of the most needed items is shipped by air to the destination – within 7 days of the move. It is delivered to the person’s temporary address. 

After packing up everything in the house, the boxes are inventoried and then loaded on to the truck to be shipped – in case it has to go overseas, the container is loaded on to a ship and sent by sea.  The moving company has to insure all items and pay in case of breakage.

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